Networking - KVM Receiver

KVM Receiver types

The KVM receiver creates a special array of features that combine perfectly with technological advancements. They are the ultimate solutions for users to extend computers and consoles on or off an infrastructure. KVM receiver options offered grant access to computer systems via a remote console (DVI monitor, USB mouse, USB keyboard) anywhere on the intranet.

The KVM Over IP Receiver comes with transmitter units that help in linking the computers and extender unit. Therefore, there's access to users from remote locations. Users can access the computer using remote consoles. The console can be connected over a standard IP network or ethernet cables. Thus, users get access to point-to-point and multipoint-to-point administration.

This type of connection is only suitable for use in any type of installation that requires users to place the console where it is considered convenient.

In this case, such a user wants the computer to reside in a secure location - preferably away from the keyboard, mouse, and display that is in use.

Main features of the KVM Receiver

The KVM Receiver is a suitable device for large-scale remote workstation access and digital signage application for all users.

It allows users to have automatic or manual configurations of senders and receivers' units to unique IP addresses that allow the connection of several receivers and senders to the same network.

Some major features that make the KVM Receiver a perfect choice includes :

  • These receiver options are capable of extending VGA, bi-directional stereo analog audio, IR over IP, USB, and RS-232, with the use of a Gigabit Local Area Network (LAN).
  • They support high-quality and high-resolution graphics that ensure that users get crisp graphical showings at all times.
  • They possess a built-in web interface. Therefore, each of the sender and receiver units can help users have intuitive control over all features
  • The KVM Receiver Networking devices are built to support a large amount of sender as well as receiver units which depends on the bandwidth of the network. It also depends on the number of ports in the switch.
  • The KVM Receiver comes with data rates of up to 480Mbps. There are options that also support backward compatibility with many USB ports.
  • They have an incredible ability to switch and share content instantly between available units. They do this with the use of the available web interface.
  • Users will get products that support flexible connections that allow multiple extender and matrix connections for multi-display installations and video wall applications.
  • The best KVM Receiver options allow remote login security
  • It supports DVI digital and analog monitor support
  • It has an upgradeable firmware

When users purchase a high-quality KVM Receiver from AllHDD, they guarantee the users with maximum efficiency, flexibility, security, transmission, and reliability for a network. Users have the privilege of accessing all their devices (be it computers or mobile devices) from any location and preferably from a single screen, keyboard and mouse.

Users have the ability to instantly switch between applications and perform multiple tasks without time or network restrictions. When users need the best remote network connection devices, KVM Receivers are available to assist. In fact, they get the fastest for a wide range of applications, including broadcasting and control rooms.

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