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CD-ROM types

CDs are one of the earliest optical discs that are still used today. They use lasers to write data and to read data. Many computer systems include CD drives, which can either be CD-ROM or CD-RW, but what is the difference? CD ROM drives can only read the information already on the disc but cannot write data onto a blank CD. CD-RW drives, on the other hand, have both capabilities. They can write data onto a CD and also read data from it.

CD ROM Read Speed

Optical disc drives are rated with an X-factor. This determines how fast data can be written onto or read from the disc. The data speeds vary from one drive brand to another. For example, the IBM CD-ROM drive is rated 32X, and the Dell ROM drive has a data rate of 24X. The higher the X-factor, the faster the drive can read data from a CD. When shopping for optical disc drives, consider this parameter and the model of your computer. Different devices have different form factors and drive bay sizes.

Why Do You Need a CD-ROM Drive?

CDs are currently being phased out because of their limited data storage capacity and speed. However, they still have their space in the PC world. Some software and drivers are on CDs. And the best way of installing them is through an optical drive that can read data from them. If just to read data from a CD, as is the case when installing drivers and software, you will need a CD-ROM drive.

Where to Buy Optical Disc Drives

ALLHDD is your one-stop shop for all the optical disc drives. This category is for CD ROM drivers, which can only read data from the disc. If you need other optical drives, you can check out different categories or contact our sales team for more information.

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