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Blu-Ray Drives types

Blu-ray discs are the newest, high-capacity optical discs in the market today. It is a relatively new technology developed to remove the limitations of CDs and DVDs. These discs have a high capacity of up to 25GB for a single-sided disc and 50GB of storage capacity for a double-sided one.

How Does Blu-ray discs Able to Have High Data Capacity?

Blu-ray discs, as the name suggests, use blue lasers to write or read data from them. These lasers have much shorter wavelengths, making it possible to have so much information in a small area. The capacity of Blu-ray discs is more than triple that of DVDs, which is 4.7GB.

Because of the new technology of data storage and information retrieval, you cannot use a combo drive with Blu-ray discs. Only Blu-ray drives can burn information to the discs or read already stored data from it. Physically, Blu-ray drives are the same as combo drives and use the same SATA bus interface. It is the mode of information access and writing the disc that varies. That means you will have to be sure of the product you are buying, or you will end up with a combo drive, which will be of no use for you.

Blu-ray Drives for Every Computer System

Like the combo drives that are not universal, Blu-ray drives also follow suit. We have different models and brands of drives for different computer systems. This category has models of Blu-ray drives. You can go through all the products and choose what is meant for your system. Please note the different form factors of these drives when shopping.

Can Blu-ray Drives Write or Read DVDs?

This is a common question that many people who are shopping for Blu-ray drives ask. Here is the response. A DVD-RW can neither read nor write to a Blu-ray disc. A Blu-ray drive, on the other hand, can read and write to DVDs, but a DVD drive will not be able to access that information. That is because of the different technologies that these drives use.

Where to Buy Blu-ray Drives

Buying these optical drives can be a daunting task. Without expertise, you may end up with the wrong product. At ALLHDD, we have a technical team to help you when shopping. We always ensure that our customers find the right items they are looking for. Contact us for more information.

HP 646810-001 Slim Line Multimedia Blu-Ray Drives
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646810-001 HP Blu-Ray Disc (BD) Writer Dvd±Rw Supermulti Dual Layer Optical Drive - 6X BD Write Speed. Refurbished.

Dell P796H Internal Multimedia Blu-Ray Drives
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P796H Dell 6X Blu-Ray Burner Disc Drive. Refurbished.

Dell TN960 Internal Multimedia Blu-Ray Drives
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TN960 Dell 6X SATA Internal BD-Rom Drive. Refurbished.

Dell X040H Internal Multimedia Blu-Ray Drives
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X040H Dell Desktop SATA BLUE-RAY DVD Rom Drive. Refurbished.