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Magneto Optical types

Magneto-Optical Drives are hybrid drives that can write or read data from a magneto optical disk. These disks are almost similar to the diskettes but are larger in size. These storage drives are not popular due to the new flash drives and other optical disk options. But they are still used in specialized applications where their unique features are desirable.

Salient Features of Magneto Optical Disks

These are high-capacity external storage drives. They use magnetic and laser to read and write technology to squeeze a lot of information into a small area. The capacity varies, where you can have a 9.1GB MO disk and 2.6GB MO Disks. The memory capacity of your MO optical disks will determine the type of optical drive you will buy for your system. Different optical drives can read or write data to an optical drive of a specific capacity. As a result, a magneto optical drive has the disk size it operates with appended to it. For example, 1.3GB Optical Drive or 9.1GB Optical Drive.

Some MO disks are rewritable, while others are WORM disks. Rewritable means you can erase the existing data and write a new one, while WORM MO disks do not allow that. From the name, WORM stands for write once-read many. This means data is written into the disks once and can be read as many times as possible. Such storage disks do not allow data modification or deletion and are useful in many applications such as military and tax force.

Automatic Error Detection by Optical Drives

A magneto optical drive can detect any disk errors and relay the same information to the operating system. While this is a desirable property, it results in slower write speeds while write speed is not affected. Information verification is the desired feature for sensitive applications such as 3D modeling.

MO Disks Vs Diskettes

Magneto-optical disks have a higher capacity and a faster data rate. They are also more reliable than diskettes. As we can see, these hybrid disks are much better than diskettes in many ways but are slower compared to optical disks.

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HP C1113-69014 SCSI Magneto Optical

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