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Mention a DVD on any public forum, and everyone will think of their movie collection. While these optical discs are good for media storage, their uses often span more than just that. They are also great as a data backup system, and if you have any data that you want to archive, the best way to do it is through DVD. But what do you need to store or read data from these discs?

There has been a rise in the use of DVDs, even in data centers. There, a computer needs a combo drive that can read and write data from the disc. The market is flooded with these combo drives but will specifically refer to IBM's slimline DVD drives in this category.

High-Speed DVD Drives

These are high-speed and cost-effective drives that let you transfer data to DVDs for archiving or backup. Whether audio, video, or any other data type, these slimline drives can achieve high data rates through SATA interfacing. SATA data transfer protocol is known for high speed and reliability, and that is the interface that these drives use.

Slim Design with Both Read and Write Capability

Some combo drives can only read from a DVD. That is not the case with IBM's slimline DVD drive, which can perform both read and write operations. The slim design also means high portability and overall slim design of the host computer.

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IBM 00AM067 Slimline Combo Multimedia

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