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DRAM Memory

Dynamic RAM has been a superior choice since its launch! However, its speed of data processing is not that high, and that is the reason why the DRAMs are also lower in cost compared to the static RAMs or memory modules. We, at ALLHDD, are providing you with the two variants in the DRAM category, i.e., 8GB and 16GB.

Types of DRAM:

DRAM memory modules come in four different variations or types, mainly the SDRAM, FPM DRAM, EDO DRAM, and DDR SDRAM. Here's what you need to know before you choose one.

  • Synchronous DRAM:

Synchronous DRAM is also known as SDRAM, which gets its name from the synching phenomenon. It can synch the memory speeds with CPU clock speeds, giving the control under the memory controller. This way, the CPU will obey the instructions on-time and with much higher efficacy.

  • Double Data Rate SDRAMs:

These double data rate SDRAMs are also known as DDR SDRAMs, known for speed and performance. In case you need double bandwidth and dual transfer rates from both the edges, DDR SDRAMs will be the choice.

  • Fast Page Mode DRAM:

Another common type of random access memory is the FPM DRAM, which is famous for its practical yet faster performance by improving page access speed.


Do you own the microprocessors from Intel on your personal computers? Look no further for the DRAM as we've got you the Extended DRAMs which store data by ensuring a no-corruption deal.

DRAM effectively tracks the refresh process!

Dynamic random access memory DRAM makes sure to deal with the other integrated circuits and effectively manage the refresh process. DRAM will store data in the form of bits in a specialized section named ''memory cell''. The memory cell further consists of a transistor and a capacitor organized in a unique configuration. DRAMs thus have the higher read and write data speeds coupled with the semiconductor technology- which is a plus to have for your DDRAM PC!

DRAM vs. SRAM- Why is DRAM memory better?

Dynamic memory modules (DRAM) are a successor to the SRAM! DRAM construction is a plus in every matter as it holds fewer elements per bit, eliminating the bit lines to save chip area. Another difference lies in the power usage- DRAM operates on much lesser voltage as compared to SRAM.

Some additional benefits of DRAM include a simple design, less hefty outlook, and a low-cost model. Moreover, the dynamic RAM modules feature more density and higher bandwidth support.

Why Choose ALLHDD?

ALLHDD has a full range of networking equipment. No matter if you're starting from scratch or upgrading your previous computer system, we've got you covered with all range of products. Here in this DRAM category, ALLHDD has the two most desirable variants, i.e., 8GB and 16GB. You can claim your 2.5% discount on some models as well.

Cisco M-ASR1001HX-16GB 16GB Memory DRAM
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M-ASR1001HX-16GB Cisco 16GB 1X16GB DRAM Memory Module. New Bulk Pack

Cisco M-ASR1001X-16GB 16GB Memory DRAM
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M-ASR1001X-16GB 16GB 1x16gb DDR DRAM Ecc Cl17 288-Pin 2400Mhz Registered Rdimm Memory Module for Server | Made by Cisco | New Bulk Pack

Cisco M-ASR1K-1001-16GB 16GB Memory DRAM
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M-ASR1K-1001-16GB Cisco 16GB 4X4GB DRAM Memory Module Kit for Server. New Bulk Pack.

Cisco MEM-4300-8G 8GB Memory DRAM
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MEM-4300-8G 8GB 1X8GB 2400 Mhz 1.2v DRAM Cl17 Memory Module Ecc Registered 240-pin DIMM for Server | Made by Cisco | New Bulk Pack

Cisco UCSC-SD-16G-C220 16GB Memory DRAM
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UCSC-SD-16G-C220 Cisco 16GB 1X16GB SD Card Module for C240 Servers. New Bulk Pack.

Cisco UCSC-SD-16G-C240 16GB Memory DRAM
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UCSC-SD-16G-C240 Cisco 16GB 1X16GB SD Card Module for C240 Servers. New Bulk Pack.