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In networking, the focus always remains on speeding things up with as much lower power consumption as there can be! In this regard, the memory modules are becoming a point of concern for the tech-savvies running the large business centers and server rooms. Also, there is a strong yet indulgent focus on the memory RAS requirements to lessen the system downtime and reduce the overall data corruption. Thus, ensuring you the signal integrity and higher bandwidth to increase the data loading rates, here is our top choice, i.e., PC3-19200. These PC3 DDR4 RAMs are available in two variants, mainly 16GB and 32GB. Here's what you need to know more!

RDIMMs Improved the System's Uptime and Reliability!

The 16GB variant available at ALLHDD features the RDIMMs support and is a reliable option for many of us! There can be plenty of single-bit errors in the data, which can eventually ruin up the whole server. Thus, single-bit errors can be the cause of the failure of your system.

Therefore, to eradicate such issues occurring in the command lines and DRAMs interconnection, the RDIMMs memory module can choose. PC3 19200 memory modules are ECC certified and run on the RDIMMs functionality.

PC3 19200 Provides Protection Against the Single-bit Errors:

As mentioned earlier, the RDIMMs memory modules are a way to deal with single-bit errors. Thus, these RAMs can extend the Error Correcting Code (ECC) and urge the controller to initiate the corrective sequence. Even when there are multi-bit errors on-board, the memory module will work at the best possible speed. The system's downtime will be reduced drastically.

Performance Boost for Memory Hungry Tasks:

RDIMMs, especially the DDR4 memory modules like the PC3 19200, can boost up the performance. The lags and errors will no longer obscure the intensive usage of memory. The heavy tasks such as 3D imaging, CAD simulations, gaming, and professional-grade functions of architects and engineers find no lags at all.

No More Memory Constraint:

PC3 19200 RAMs run on the RDIMMs support and are ECC registered. Thus, these memory modules offer no bandwidth problem and memory constraint at all! You can fully utilize the DIMMs slots with these PC3 19200, extending the bandwidth anytime. There is about a 9% increase in efficiency as compared to the UDIMMs and other configurations.

Why Buy From Allhdd?

ALLHDD never stops to impress the tech-savvies and technology lovers! Being a dealer in the first place for all of your networking equipment, ALLHDD has brought you the PC3 19200 memory modules in two variants. Both the variants are loaded with RAMs which are ECC certified and support up to 2400 MHz speed. Claim your 2.5% discount at the checkout as well!

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Dell A8711889 32GB Memory PC4-19200

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Cisco UCS-MR-1X161RV-G 16GB Memory PC4-19200

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