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Pc4-26600 types


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The PC4-26600 memory module

Workstations must handle various tasks without jeopardizing performance. Renewing and reinstating system memory is an excellent way to ensure a highly operative workstation. The PC4-26600 is an ideal memory module to fit into these demands and more. It is masterly designed for overclocking and high-performance. The PC4-26600 comes with a PCB that helps manage heat and produces superior overclocking headroom. It is compatible with pure aluminum heat spreaders for faster heat dissipation. Our memory modules flaunt individually screened ICs for extreme performance potential. The DDR4 form factor of the PC4-26600 perfected for the most advanced Intel DDR4 motherboards on the market. Also, the memory offers greater bandwidth, higher frequencies, and lower power consumption than earlier generations. DDR4 modules are tested across Intel DDR4 motherboards for compatibility for reliability and ultra-fast performance.

Memory Clock Speed

The PC4-26600 DDR4 SDRAM has a DDR4 3333 chip type and a clock speed of 1.666GHz. RAM speed is a measure of clock speed which is the same as how many times per second the RAM accesses its memory.

I/O bus clock

The input and output (I/O) bus clock is usually half of the bus data rate. In the case of PC4-26600, it is 13300Mhz.

Considerations Before Investing in a Memory Module

For flawless performance, you must invest in a module that best fits your needs and budget. You'd want to watch out for some factors before making any buying decision. Here are a few.

  • Compatibility

It's essential to consider your workstation computer's brand, model/generation, and hardware when choosing memory for its motherboard. This is because memory modules usually only grant compatibility with a specific computer, workstation, server, network types, and models.

  • Interface

The module's interface is an essential indicator of your machine's performance speed and compatibility. DIMM connectors are a common industry-standard. However, FBDIMM connectors tend to provide enhanced reliability and speed.

  • Capacity

RAM capacity is crucial to power users seeking blistering speed from their system. In essence, the higher the capacity, the more the efficiency of the computer. At higher capacities, more programs can run simultaneously. The size of the memory you buy is bent on your system's workload.

Core Features of the PC4-26600

  • Tight response times and highest bandwidth
  • Optimized for extreme performance on the most advanced AMD DDR4 Intel motherboards.
  • No wires needed
  • Needs no extra wires or cables for a complete and easy install.
  • Features enhanced PCB that offers the highest signal quality for the most outstanding level of performance and stability.

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