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Double Data Rate RAM modules have revolutionized the networking platforms. No matter if you're a layman doing some computations while sitting in your room or an electronic engineer handling the bulky server rooms and business centers, memory plays an important role! Thus, the most common type of memory module currently in demand is the Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM. There are plenty of pieces of evidence why one must keep their hands on the SDRAM instead of DRAM in terms of organizing the data effectively. We, at ALLHDD, will guide you with the best available choice in the DDR category, i.e., PC3200. Here's what you need to know about this DDR SDRAM before you make a deal!

DDR SDRAMs is a Stack of Acronym!

Not all the RAM or memory modules are synchronous. DRAMs were introduced back in the 1970s and still follow the same principle. DRAM memory chips are not regulated or controlled by the clocks. Hence, they cannot offer faster data rates as the SDRAM does!

SDRAM (especially these DDR ones) are fully synchronous and can be regulated by the clock for signaling. Moreover, one additional attribute that makes the difference is the fetching data at both ends, i.e., leading-edge and falling edge. That's why the DDR memory is featured with the ''Double Data Rate'' tag!

The First SDRAM Memory to Steal the Show!

DDR is the first SDRAM memory that supports the Synchronous RAM technology and doubles its predecessors' speed and overall performance. This first incarnation has fulfilled the faster loading speed goals by ensuring the data transfer twice per cycle. This way, the single data rate SDRAMs were forced out of the race.

PC3200 RAM Follows the Tight Timing Controls:

The fact that the SDRAM follows the faster route or improves the data transfer relies on the double data transfer rate on both the edges. For this purpose, a very tight timing control option is being followed by the PC3200 DDR RAM.

Apart from faster data loading speed, the signal integrity is also ensured- which had been an exact issue. There are plenty of models for the DDR SDRAM with different memory clock speeds and performance. The 4GB SDRAMs are all ECC certified and perfected DIMM memory kits. On the flip side, 16GB dual-channel memory has 400 MHz and 184 pins to deal with the Intel and AMD models.

Absolute CAS Latency to Read and Write:

This DDR PC3200 memory follows a certain latency option with an ''activate'' and ''read'' command. After an absolute latency, the data is being available with faster loading times. Moreover, this PC3200 SDRAM has two memory locations per cycle, ensuring the burst of data in the form of two, four, or eight memory locations. All in all, this memory module can regulate the four memory locations in the consecutive clock cycles.

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