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The PC4-24000 is one of the best desktop memory modules in our collection. Suppose you are looking for RAM that offers the best gaming experience or need a significant memory upgrade; in that case, we've got you covered. Our PC4 24000 series include various listings in two memory categories, including 32GB and 128GB kit sizes. Our top-quality memory solutions at competitive prices remain the best deals you can find on the market today.

The PC4-24000 Memory Module

A complete and robust memory module fully optimized for the latest DDR4 technology and built for utmost performance, speed, and low energy consumption. The DDR4 form factor remains the latest memory advancement in modern computing. The PC4-24000 flaunts high-quality overclocked parts and by 100% reliability aging test to guarantee overclocking performance and speed. As with most DDR4 SDRAM, PC4-24000 offers an operating voltage of 1.2V (the lowest in memory modules) and a greater transfer rate. Also, DDR4's transfer rate is 2133~3200 MT/s. It can process 4 data within a clock cycle. Thus, DDR4's efficiency is streets ahead of the previous generations.

If you're looking to build a super gaming computer, the processor and graphics card will play the most significant role in the computer's in-game performance. After those two components, the memory comes next as it plays a prominent role in the system's performance. This is where the PC4 24000 module thrives.

Memory Clock Speed

The memory clock speed is how many times per second the RAM can access its memory, the same way the CPU speed is measured. In the case of PC4-24000, it is 3000MHz.

I/O bus clock

The input/output bus clock of the PC4-24000 is 12000Mhz, which is half the value of the bus data rate.

Considerations Before Investing in a Memory Module

Since the system's memory remains a critical component, choosing one should be done with some key factors in mind. These include:


The memory module you buy must be compatible with your computer. Given the various generations of computers, memory modules are not one-size-fits-all components. A motherboard designed for DDR3 is not compatible with a DDR4 module and so on.


Keep your motherboard's interface in mind when choosing a memory module. Each RAM generation has a specific interface design and will only be compatible with designated motherboards.


If you are a heavy-weight user, then you'd want to consider larger memory modules. Hardcore gamers looking for sleek performance without glitches will do well to get a RAM that can deliver. By simply adding faster and larger amounts of memory will enable your applications and games to run faster.

Core Features of the PC 24000

  • It is the perfect module for gamers and performance lovers.
  • Designed for the most advanced AMD and Intel platforms
  • The XMP 2.0 supports automatic overclocking or runs at the JEDEC default profile.

The PC4-24000 modules come with clock speeds ranging from 2,400MHz to 3,200MHz. These are highly efficient memory modules optimized for DDR4 motherboards. Kindly browse through this category to pick one for your system at the best price.
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