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Before DDR4 appeared on the scene, the DDR3 RAMs were the only go-to option for many tech-savvies and business professionals. But with the DDR4 launch back in the past, the Hynix was the first to announce the 128GB module-based DDR4 - the highest density of all! The best choice in the DDR4 RAM module right now in the market is PC3-17000. There are many reasons why one should keep their hands on the DDR4 RAMs, and we cannot deny that the new age motherboards call for the DDR4 memory modules.

Do you want something extraordinary with higher speeds? This DDR4 PC3-17000 can be the ideal choice featuring the ECC certification along with the 288pin nodule. Let's see what you're going to get further while choosing ALLHDD in this PC3 memory category.

PC3-17000 Has the 288-Pin Nodule!

The very first difference that makes both the models apart is the pin nodules. The DDR3 memory modules featured 240-pins within 133mm length, while the same is not the case with PC3 17000 DDR4. The developers have focused on increasing the pin-nodules to 288 within the same 133mm length; thus, the DDR3 compatible motherboards are no longer used for the DDR4. This way, the data transfer speeds tended to be higher than ever before.

Low Voltage Consumption Will Save Some Power:

One such advancement that will surely save you from the hassle of charging up your laptops, again and again, is low voltage consumption. The DDR4 RAMs utilize 1.2V of power while the DDR3 runs at 1.5V or more. You might be wondering if it counts or not! A large business center or a vast server farm would save some efficient amount of power with this extra 15 watts per stick.

Clock Speed and Data Rate Is Immense:

The PC3 17000 DDR4 RAMs are powered with durable hardware components to level up the clock speed and data transfer speeds. DDR4 RAMs are featuring no less than 16GB of capacity, which is somewhat double compared to the predecessor. With that brilliant bandwidth, the data rate for DDR4 PC3 17000 would fall in the range of 2133-3200 MT/s.

Clock speed matters the most as these memory modules are a go-to device between the data accessing directly from the hard drive. Thus, featuring the bus clock speed in the range of 1066-1600 MHz, this PC3 17000 is the ideal choice of tech-savvies.

Out of all, we're featuring the 16GB 2133 MHz memory module certified from the ECC at ALLHDD to help you get the right deal.

RDIMM Equips a Stable Data Controller:

The registered memory modules, also known as RDIMM, feature a register between the DRAM and memory controller. Thus, there will be less electrical load on the system's memory controller reducing the lag.

Why Buy From AllHDD?

ALLHDD deals in all types of networking hardware equipment ranging from DDR to DDR4 memory modules as well. In this category, we have got you covered with the Cisco 16GB PC3-17000 modules having the M4 high-density rack server support.