Memory - Pc-2100

Pc-2100 types

PC 2100 Ram offers the best and compatible PC2100 memory modules to boost the performance of your server machine. We also have memory modules for various servers and PCs so make sure you check out other memory categories.

While new computers do run fast, they may get slower due to the heavy workload over time. Regardless of your needs, it is essential that your server works at its best level to ensure productivity. To purchase PC2100 memory for your server, follow these links to our 8GB and 16GB server memory kits that we have carefully chosen and checked.

The PC2 6400 Memory Module

Get your server machine blisteringly fast with the PC2100 (DDR266) 184 pins RAM optimized for stability and unbeatable performance. Suppose you have a server that lags in speed; this may be due to a lack of adequate RAM. Consequently, it struggles to designate available memory resources to more programs at the same time. However, in many instances, a slow-performing server can be fitted with additional RAM to enhance its performance. The PC2100 RAM comes in handy in this type of situation. Depending on your computer and usage, you can count on a 20% boost in performance when you add more memory to the system.

Memory Clock Speed

In theory, the PC2100 DDR RAM module can support a 2100MB data rate every second. These modules come with dual-channel architecture that ensures bandwidth is doubled compared to older generations. In addition to this, it supports a good number of motherboards out there. The memory clock speed of the DDR266 is 133 MHz.

Considerations Before Investing in a Memory Module

You must find out the type of RAM that is compatible with your server machine before you buy RAM. A system that supports the PC2100 (DDR266) memory module will not support newer generation RAM such as DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4. There are exceptions; however, you may confirm this information with the manufacture of your computer.
Here are more factors to consider when choosing a memory module.

  • Amount Of RAM

When it comes to overall performance, the amount of RAM plays a key role. Here at ALLHDD you can find server memory kits of 8GB and 16GB. It is safe to say that more RAM translates to more strain on your server's power supply and CPU; you'd want to make sure that your machine can handle all that.

  • Frequency

If a motherboard operates at a higher frequency than that of the RAM you buy, you risk damaging both the RAM and your motherboard. However, if the RAM comes with a higher frequency than the motherboard's frequency, there will be no problems, and the former will run at the motherboard's frequency.

If you'll have any questions regarding these or any other modules, you can always count on our customer support. We are here to help you and provide only the best products for your needs. We are happy if your hardware works great, and we are here if you need any upgrade!