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You must be in search of a more competitive compute horsepower which urges you to land here. As predicted by a well-renowned organization, humans will interact with online devices 5000 times a day by 2025- that's not far in the future! Thus, pouring the chunks or information into online connected devices calls for faster language processing, more immediate data access, easy hot swaps, and AI technology, all of which must be fueled by the best memory modules.

Why PC2 3200 SDRAM?

In this regard, the PC2 3200 DDR2 SDRAM is designed in such a way to fill the gap in low data transfer rates, real-time processing, and handling the sheer volume of data closer to the processor-the computing brain! We, at ALLHDD, will help you get the answers to all the mind-boggling questions and imminent bottlenecks regarding the PC 3200 RAM or memory module in 2 variants, mainly 4GB and 8GB.

ECC Certified PC2 3200 - Registered vs. Unbuffered:

ECC registered DDR2 modules pave the way for the data server centers or business organizations to develop a sort of integrity and safety. But there lie two options for the ECC-certified DDR3 SDRAMs. One form is registered while the other goes for the unbuffered one! Each type has its own perks and uses in the industry.

Tech-savvies usually love the ECC Registered PC2 3200 RAM due to being reliable, efficient, and putting less stress on the CPU memory controller. The reason where it lacks behind the unbuffered one is the extra CPU cycle that puts the work into a slower dip. Supporting the tech-enthusiasts and the need to piling up voluminous data on the servers, we have got you covered with the 4GB and 8GB PC2 3200 DDR2 SDRAM in ECC Registered form here at ALLHDD.

  • Especially in the 4GB category, we have genuine HP memory with a 240 pin 400MHz memory for Proliant servers.

Reduce the load on Memory Bus:

AMD's latest ''Infinity Fabric'' technology is much affected by the onboard DDR2 module. It is tied to the memory bus speed, which can support double data rates once equipped with faster DIMM RAM modules to bring the imaginary performance into real-life. Thus, the Load-Reduced Dual Inline Memory Modules (LRDIMM) were introduced to lower down the memory bus' stacking and overloading.

What's noteworthy is how efficiently these PC2 DIMM RAMs are equipped with the buffers chips to deal with the parallel memory bus modules. Thus, make sure to buy the DRAMs with DIMM format and Dual Rank Memory- having a more extensive data access option, reduced load on the memory bus, and easy handling for the sheer volume of data.

Why Buy From ALLHDD?

ALLHDD is the server and network hardware planet dealing with the bare metal pieces fully equipped with performance and efficiency. We empower millions of tech-savvies with the best PC2-3200 SDRAMs with dual rank memory, and ECC registered format to extract the maximum out of that smaller data cache chip.
HP 343057-B21 4GB Memory PC2-3200

343057-B21 4 Gigabytes(GB) 2x2GB Double Data Rate 2 (DDR2) Pc2-3200 Error correction code (ECC) Registered Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) more

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IBM 39M5812 4GB Pc2-3200 Memory

IBM 39M5812 4GB (2x2GB) 400Mhz Pc2-3200 Cl3 Ecc Registered Dual Rank DDR2 SDRAM 240-pin Dimm Kit Memory for Server | New Bulk Pack

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Kingston KTH-MLG4/8G 8GB Memory PC2-3200

KTH-MLG4/8G Kingston 8GB 2x4GB 400MHz PC2-3200 ECC Registered DDR2 SDRAM DIMM Memory For Server. New Bulk Pack.

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