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Memory - PC3-14900

If you've just landed at ALLHDD, you must already know what RAM is! In case you don't, it's physical hardware in the CPU to temporarily store the information. Things are not as simple as they look! With the networking servers bloating up with the information and data, the data transfer and loading speeds are suffering from a dip. In turn, the data processing has become slower, affecting the jobs of many! Worry not, as we have got you covered with the best solution on-board.

DDR3 RAMs follow the synchronous mode and are the 3rd iteration in the SDRAM category. When launched, this SDRAM has got the title of ''go to RAM'' across the networking platforms worldwide.

DDR3 RAM Has Narrowed Down The Gap!

DDR2 and DDR3 chips typically follow the same size but somewhat different pin nodules. The developers have to narrow down the space between the pins as the DDR2 features the 200-pins in SODIMM form while the DDR3 contains 240-pins in the DIMM form. Later on, the developers have launched the 240-pin nodule in the unbuffered form of DDR2 as well.

Higher Bandwidth Up To 1600 MHz:

PC3-14900 memory module follows the higher data transfer speeds while reading, writing, or transferring the chunks of data. DDR3 SDRAM offers up to 1600 MHz of speed which supports higher bandwidth with its unique functionalities on-board. DDR3's much higher speed and performance depend on the 8-bit deep prefetch buffer, which is far better than the 4-bit prefetch buffer compared to the predecessor.

PC3-14900 Offers Better Clock Speed:

DDR3 SDRAMs are famous for their higher bandwidth along with better and sufficient clock speeds. That's what makes it an ideal and best-suited choice for the server rooms and business centers. The DDR2 used to feature the 400-800 MHz of clock speed while the DDR3 PC3 14900 can support up to 1600 MHz - double than the previous generation!

The DDR3 SDRAMs are proven much effective in the falling and rising edge 400-800 MHz I/O clock. To help you get the right deal we, at ALLHDD, have combined a list of PC3 14900 options: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 48GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB as well, check them out and find the best for you.

PC3-14900 Utilizes Low Power:

What's noteworthy in DDR3 memory modules is their less power consumption than the DDR2 and DDR. The manufacturers and tech-savvies claimed a reduction of 30% power in the former one due to being supported with the supply voltage of 1.5V. The DDR2 used to operate on the 1.8V power supply.

DDR3 Rams Are Better With Algorithm Switch!

PC3 14900 DDR3 memory supports the algorithm switch on-board! It features two different algorithms or patterns named Automatic refresh and Self-Refresh. The memory module can switch intelligently, depending on the stress, data, and speed you want.

Why Choose ALLHDD?

ALLHDD helps you make safe and secure deals in networking hardware. We, at ALLHDD, prioritize the customer's satisfaction by providing them with the best overall networking equipment. Here we have got you the DDR3 PC3-14900 in multiple variants ranging from 4GB to 512GB.
Dell A7187321 32GB Memory Pc3-14900

A7187321 Dell 32GB 1X32GB Pc3-14900 Ddr3-1866mhz Sdram Quad Rank Cl13 240-Pin Ecc Registered Memory Module For Dell Systems. New Bulk Pack.

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Hynix HMT84GL7BMR4C-RD 32GB Memory PC3-14900

HMT84GL7BMR4C-RD Hynix 32GB 1X32GB PC3-14900 DDR3-1866MHZ SDRAM Quad Rank X4 1.35V ECC Registered CL13 240-PIN LRDIMM Genuine Hynix Memory Module For more

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Hynix HMT84GL7AMR4C-RD 32GB Memory Pc3-14900

HMT84GL7AMR4C-RD HYNIX 32GB 1X32GB Pc3-14900 Ddr3-1866mhz Sdram - Quad Rank Cl13 240-Pin Ecc Registered Genuine Hynix Memory Module. New Bulk Pack. Dell OEM.

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Micron MT72JSZS4G72LZ-1G9E2 32GB Memory PC3-14900

MT72JSZS4G72LZ-1G9E2 Micron 32GB 1X32GB 1866MHZ PC3-14900 Ecc Registered 4rx4 Cl13 Load Reduced DDR3 SDRAM Dimm Memory For Server. New Bulk Pack.

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IBM 00D5040 8GB Memory PC3-14900

00D5040 IBM 8GB 1866MHz PC3-14900 CL13 Dual Rank X8 ECC Registered DDR3 SDRAM 240-PIN RDIMM Memory Module For Server. New Bulk Pack.

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Samsung M393B1G70QH0-CMA 8GB Memory Pc3-14900

M393B1G70QH0-CMA SAMSUNG 8GB 1X8GB 1866mhz Pc3-14900 Cl13 Ecc Registered Ddr3 Sdram 240-Pin Dimm Samsung Memory Module For Server. New Factory Sealed 3 more

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Dell 370-ABGL 32GB Memory PC3-14900

370-ABGL Dell 32GB 1X32GB 1866MHZ PC3-14900 Cl13 Ecc Registered Quad Ranked Low Voltage DDR3 SDRAM 240-Pin Load Reduced Dimm Dell Memory For Dell more

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HPE 731761-16G 16GB Memory PC3-14900

731761-16G HPE 16GB 2X8GB 1866MHZ PC3-14900 Cl13 Single Rank Ecc Registered DDR3 SDRAM 240-Pin Dimm Genuine Hp Memory Kit For Hp Proliant Server more

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IBM 00D5039 8GB Memory PC3-14900

00D5039 IBM 8GB 1x8GB 1866mhz pc3-14900 cl13 dual rankx8 ecc registered ddr3 sdram 240-pin rdimm memory module for server. New Bulk Pack.

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Cisco UCS-ML-1X324RZ-A 32GB Memory PC3-14900

UCS-ML-1X324RZ-A Cisco 32GB 1X32GB 1866mhz Pc3-14900 Cl13 Ecc 1.50v Quad Rank Ddr3 Sdram 240-Pin Lrdimm Cisco Memory For Cisco Ucs B200 M3 Blade Server. more

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