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Blu-Ray Disc types

Blu-ray discs are in the same group of optical discs like CDs and DVDs. The only difference is that it was specifically designed to store high-definition video files. A single-sided Blu-ray disc can store up to 25GB of data, and a double-sided one is expected to accommodate 50GB of data. That is much higher than even what a double-sided DVD can store. For comparison, a single-sided CD and DVD can store 700MB and 4.7GB of digital information, respectively.

Why is a Blu-ray Disc Has More Capacity than CDs and DVDs?

The secret lies in the technology that the optical disc drive uses to write and read information. A Blu-ray disc, as the name suggests, uses blue-violet lasers to store or retrieve information. The blue-violet lasers have a shorter wavelength compared to red lasers that both CD and DVD use. The blue-laser technology makes it possible for the head to focus on a smaller area, compacting more digital information in a Blu-ray disc of the same size as a DVD or CD. This seemingly new technology is expected to change the entertainment industry as more people are now moving towards HDTV. VCRs and DVD recorders and players will be finally replaced.

Advantages of Blu-ray Discs

We have mentioned the high capacity of these optical discs. A single-sided Blu-ray disc can hold 25 GB of data, and a double-sided can store twice as much. Needless to mention again, but these are the optical discs with the highest capacity.

Enhanced Video and Audio Security

There has been a problem with copyright issues for audio and video content. Blu-ray discs come with a solution to that. Through the High bandwidth Content Protection, ROM-Mark Watermarking, BD+ dynamic cryptology, and Advanced Access Content System, the security of stored files can be guaranteed. The video and audio content cannot be copied or played by unauthorized devices.

Durable Optical Disc Storage Solution

A newer version of the Blu-ray disc has a protective coating that makes it scratch and smudge-resistant. When properly handled, the stored data can last for many decades without deterioration.

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