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RAMs, with the technological advancements, are becoming the point of concern for the tech-savvies! It is useless to invest in a high-speed 9th or 10th generation processor unless your server room PCs are loaded with well-equipped memory modules. That's where the PC4 19200 memory modules come into place. We, at ALLHDD, are providing you with the faster running and high-performing DDR4 PC4 RAMs, supported by the ECC certification and dual-rank channel. Here's what you need to know more to secure a safe deal out of all the competitors in this PC4 19200 category.

Load-Reduced Dimm Memory Supports The Poweredge Servers

PC4-19200 memory modules are operated on the load-reduced DIMM memory, which supports the PowerEdge servers. This LRDIMM is a technological advancement that is well-equipped with buffer chips. These chips reduce the loading over the overall system memory channel, increasing the bandwidth capacity and faster data transfer rates. The LRDIMMs memory modules can support from 48GB to 144GB memory capacity, pushing the Proliant servers' limits. That's the reason LRDIMMs are targeted for the huge server rooms to increase their memory capacity and buffer speeds.

ECC Registered Memory Modules Are Faster And Reliable!

Putting less strain and pressure over the system's memory controller is what keeps the RAM module stable and retained! Registered modules are also named RDIMM, with the extra circuitry to support the memory registers. Registered from the ECC doubles the benefits for tech-savvies as it ensures integrity and avoids data loss and corruption. The Error Correcting Code launches a particular algorithm and corrects the data within specific intervals. You'll find the best PC4-19200 ECC registered RAM modules in the following variants at ALLHDD.













Dual-Rank PC4 19200 Outclasses Others!

There are generally two types of configurations named as the single-rank and the dual-rank in general. However, some models in this category run on the quad-rank as well. Majorly, the subcategories ranging from 8GB to 1TB features the dual-rank channel memory. Dual-rank channel memory supports more number of open rows and, in-turn features the increasing hit rate. That's one reason why these are considered 9-10% faster than the single-rank predecessors.

Cas Latency Matters The Most While Comparing:

While choosing the best RAM out of multiple variants, CAS Latency plays a significant role in deciding what to choose! DDR4 PC4 19200 features the CAS 17 latency option. Many of you, even some of the tech-savvies, are unaware of how to solve this puzzle. A CAS 17 latency, in short, shows the 12.7 nanoseconds true latency of RAM. The higher the CAS latency means the higher true latency values. However, buying one with low CAS at a certain speed would give the best speed.

Why Choose ALLHDD?

ALLHDD has outclassed the competitors with its immense variety in networking hardware equipment. Thus, PC4 19200 DDR4 RAM modules come in multiple variants, all loaded with the ECC certification option and the CAS 17 latency. Many of the models in this subcategory feature the 288-in DIMM nodule and a speed of up to 2400MHz, reducing the lags in servers.

Apart from being rugged and durable, what's noteworthy is many of the products are backed up by 3 to 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer. You can even claim a 2.5% discount on multiple variants in this PC4 19200 DDR4 category.

Dell 370-ADIQ 32GB Memory PC4-19200

370-ADIQ 32GB 1X32GB 2400mhz Pc4-19200 Cl17 Ecc Registered Dual Rank X4 DDR4 SDRAM 288-Pin Dimm Memory Module for Server | Made by Dell | New Bulk Pack

Dell SNPCPC7GC/32G 32GB Memory PC4-19200

SNPCPC7GC/32G Dell 32GB 1X32GB 2400MHZ PC4-19200 CAS-17 ECC Registered 2rx4 DDR4 SDRAM 288-Pin RDIMM Memory Module For Poweredge Server. Brand New.

Cisco UCS-ML-1X644RV-A 64GB Memory PC4-19200

UCS-ML-1X644RV-A Cisco 64GB 2400MHZ PC4-19200 CAS-17 ECC Registered Quad Rank X4 DDR4 SDRAM 288-Pin LRDIMM Memory Module for Server Memory. New Factory Sealed.

HPE 869537-001 8GB Memory PC4-19200

869537-001 8GB 1X8GB 2400mhz Pc4-19200 Cl17 Single Rank X8 Ecc Unbuffered DDR4 SDRAM 288-Pin Udimm Standard Memory for Server | Made by HPE | New Bulk Pack

Dell SNPM0VW4C/8G 8GB Memory PC4-19200

SNPM0VW4C/8G 8GB 1X8GB 2400mhz Pc4-19200 Cl17 Non Ecc Unbuffered Single Rank DDR4 SDRAM 288-Pin Udimm Memory Module for Server | Made by Dell | Brand New

Micron CT8G4DFS824A 8GB Memory PC4-19200

CT8G4DFS824A Micron 8GB 1RX8GB 2400MHZ PC4-19200 Single Rank Non-Ecc Unbuffered Cl15 1.2v DDR4 SDRAM 288-Pin Udimm Memory Module. New Factory Sealed 3 more

Samsung M474A2K43BB1-CRCQ0 16GB Memory

M474A2K43BB1-CRCQ0 16 Gigabyte(GB) Pc4-19200 Dual Rank X8 CAS Latency(CL) 17 Error Correction Code (ECC) Unbuffered Double Data Rate 4 (DDR4)-2400 more

Micron MTA18ADF2G72PDZ-2G3B2 16GB Memory Pc4-19200

MTA18ADF2G72PDZ-2G3B2 Micron 16GB Pc4-19200 DDR4 2400MHz Regis SDIMM Memory. New Factory Sealed 3 Years Micron Warranty.

HPE 829805-081 16GB Memory Pc4-25600

HPE 829805-081 16 Gigabytes(GB) (1x16 Gigabytes(GB) ) 2400 Megahertz (MHz) Pc4-19200 Cl15 Error correction code (ECC) Registered Dual Rank X4 Double more

Samsung M474A2K43BB1-CRC 16GB MemoryPC4-19200

M474A2K43BB1-CRC Samsung 16GB 1X16GB PC4-19200 dual rank x8 cl17 ecc unbuffered ddr4-2400mhz sdram 260-pin sodimm memory module. New Bulk Pack

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