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Antenna Cable types

Cables - Antenna Cable

Antenna cables can define the performance of your IT systems that rely on wireless protocols for data transfer. Depending on the cable you choose, you can have limited bandwidth for data transfer and signal loss. These challenges should be addressed by using reliable and high-performing 6.6 feet Aruba antenna cables. Your understanding of the different types and antenna cable specifications will go along the way to realizing a robust server configuration.

Low Attenuation on the Antenna Cable

Signal loss in the antenna cable results from the attenuation that is always present in every cable. While it is impossible to prevent this phenomenon, you can reduce its effect by going for cables with less attenuation. It also depends on the length of the cable. That means there is no need to go for a 20 feet cable, where you can do with a 13 feet antenna cable or less. Take control of your system by getting the right cable length.

Low Impedance and Capacitance

Lo-impedance cables are better in signal transmission to or from the antenna to the target equipment. The commonly used specifications are 50 ohms and 75 ohms. For data centers and other mission-critical applications, a 50-ohm impedance cable is preferred because of the data integrity. Believe it or not, all antenna cables out there have a capacitance in them that depends on the length of the wire and the dielectric used. While there is nothing much you can do to change the dielectric property, you can do everything to use the right cable length. The longer the cable, the more the capacitance, and the more distortion there will be in the signal.

Expandable Antenna Cable Solution

Businesses grow, giving rise to change in the initial specification of the cables and other networking accessories. You might need to expand your data center that will require that you use an antenna extension cable. Luckily, there are 10 feet Aruba Antenna cables with male-to-male connectors and those with male-to-female connectors. This property makes it possible to extend the cable length. Short cable sizes such as 2 feet and 3.3 feet antenna cables make it possible to achieve this operation without introducing more capacitance into the system.

Power Rating of Antenna Cables

Signal loses its power as it travels through the cable. If the loss is beyond the recommended limit, then the entire signal can be lost. You can also be complaining about the poor reception of your antennas, but the problem is with the cables. A technician already knows about the power loss that occurs and should remain within the limit when installing the system. In other words, always use the appropriate antenna cable from reputable manufacturers.

Buying Antenna Cable from ALLHDD

It is a quick process to search for the appropriate antenna expansion cable that you need. Just your keyword on the search box, or just browse the categories and select a cable with end connectors for the applications. At ALLHDD, you get what you need when you need it. We are a reputable supplier and guarantee timely delivery of high-quality products.
Cisco CAB-L240-10-N-R Cables Antenna Cable 10 Feet
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CAB-L400-20-TNC-N Cisco 20-Feet (6M) Ultra Low Loss LMR 400 Cable Wth TNC-N Connector | Made by Cisco | New Factory Sealed

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Cisco AIR-CAB010LL-N= Antenna Extension Cable

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