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Extension Cable types

Audio signals, just like any other electrical signal, travel in wires. Wires designed for this purpose have specific characteristics that prevent signal distortion. But why do you need audio extension cables? In many cases, the microphone and the amplifier system are not placed side by side. That is not the case when you use your earphone to make or receive calls. But areas, where there is a need for remote control or communication, such as audio recording studios and industries, a microphone extension cable is not optional.

What to Look for In a Microphone Extension Cable

The number one property that people will ask for when shopping for an extension cable is the length. This is a physically visible parameter that gives you no problem identifying. But we also have electrical characteristics that we should also consider when buying audio extension cables. First, get to know the length of the cable you need. At ALLHDD, we have 30 feet and 33 feet microphone extension cables to choose from.

Next, you need to consider the cost of the cable. What we can say is, do not go for very cheap cables because they are likely to fail after a few days of use. Overpriced extension cables might not also be worth it in your situation. They have the best performance, yes, but the difference is not usually worth the escalated cost.

Shielded Microphone Cable

Every manufacturer knows that microphone extension cables should be shielded against interference by magnetic and electric waves. Believe it or not, we are walking through a sea of electromagnetic waves, and these can be picked up by an extension cable as stray signals. When that happens, there will be a loss in signal quality. Most high-end cables use braided shielding, but you can find cheaper options such as serve and foil shielding.

Impact Absorption Property

There is no doubt that your microphone extension cables can suffer from the triboelectric effect. Depending on the application, that might not be desired and need to be eliminated. This effect causes a slapping sound, usually when the cable is stepped on or has suddenly been dropped. Buying a quality cable that is impact-proof is the best option.

Buy a Cisco microphone extension cable designed to meet your specific requirements. ALLHDD stocks cables that have been tested and proven to meet the industry standards. Contact us for more information about our cable specifications, and our technical team will get back to you.
Cisco CAB-MIC-EXT-J Extension Cable

CAB-MIC-EXT-J 29.53 Feet 1 x Mini-phone Audio - Male 1 x Mini-phone Audio - Female, Microphone Extension Audio Cable for Table Microphones and Audio Device | more

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Cisco CAB-MIC-T20EXT Microphone Extension Cable

CAB-MIC-T20EXT Microphone Extension Cable Gray Audio Cable (33 Feet/10 Meter) | Made by Cisco | Refurbished

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Cisco CAB-MIC-T60EXT 30 Feet Extension Cable

CAB-MIC-T60EXT 30 Feet Microphone Extension Mini Phone Audio Cable F 3 pin terminal block to M 3 pin terminal block Connector on First End Mini-phone more

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Cisco CAB-MIC20-EXT Microphone Extension Cable

CAB-MIC20-EXT Audio Extension Cable Mini Phone 3.5 mm 4-pole Telepresence System For The TABL MIC20 Precision Microphone | Made by Cisco | New Factory Sealed

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