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Ethernet Cable types

Cables - Ethernet Cable

No matter if you're running a business or managing the home servers, the Ethernet cables will help you have an upsurge in the data transfer rates. Ethernet cables are considered the most effective type of cable in the wired networks set up due to versatile connectivity, faster speed, and utmost performance. Many of you might see the Ethernet cables as the ordinary ones from the outside, but the real difference comes in the internal assembly. Thus, it's customary to understand the types of Ethernet cables as per the internal assembly to know the cables' speed and performance. We, at ALLHDD, have brought a wide range of Ethernet cables by which you can choose the ideal one for your needs. Choose from the following subcategories: 10gbase-Cx4 Cable, 33 Feet, RJ45, 150FT, and 5 Meter. Here's what you need to know more about the Ethernet cables.

Types of Ethernet Cables:

Category 5 Ethernet Cables:

Category 5 Ethernet cable is somewhat an elder statesman as it is getting extinct now. This type of cable network can manage the 10 MB/sec of speed and rise to 100 MB/sec.

Category 6 Ethernet Cables- Newer in the market:

Category 6 Ethernet cable is an upsurge or advanced form of cat5 and cat5e. The speed restrictions might amaze you as it can give the 10GB/sec of speed and is well-designed to reduce the overall interface. Apart from the improved acceleration, higher bandwidth and possible shielding might be why Cat6 is getting fame in the tech community.

Cat 6a Ethernet Cable- Doubles the Bandwidth:

You can upgrade to category 6a Ethernet, which is named as the ''augmented''. This type can outclass all others with a higher jump in its speed and performance than the predecessors.

Ethernet Cable Types- Sold Vs. Stranded:

Apart from the categories stated above, the Ethernet cables price might vary as per the type as well. Two common types of Ethernet cables include the solid Vs. Stranded. Solid Ethernet cables will be an ideal choice in case you are looking for better electrical resistance. Stranded Ethernet cables are less exposed to cracking and hence can last longer than the other form.

IBM 75G2865 RJ-45 Ethernet Cable

75G2865 IBM RJ-45 Ethernet Cable Assembly. Refurbished.

Cisco AIR-ETH1500-150 Cables Ethernet Cable 150FT
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AIR-ETH1500-150 Aironet 1500 Series Outdoor Ethernet Cable 150 Feet | Made by Cisco | New Factory Sealed

Cisco CAB-ETH-5M Network Cable

CAB-ETH-5M 16.40 Feet Ethernet Network Cable 5 Meter for Auto Expand | Made by Cisco | Refurbished

Cisco CAB-ETH-S-RJ45 Ethernet Cable

CAB-ETH-S-RJ45 Yellow Network Cable For Ethernet Straight Through RJ45 6 Feet | Made by Cisco | New Factory Sealed