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Copper Cable types

Cables - Copper Cable

Coper cables still remain the most popular option in high voltage and low voltage applications such as networking. Despite the disadvantages, such as electromagnetic interference, copper still offers a cost-effective solution for many applications.

How does Copper Cable Transmit Data?

It is a simple process that starts by energizing one side of a copper wire to set electrons in it in motion. The electrons travel to the other end of the wire with the signal information. Since movement is involved, you can expect the electrons to lose their energy and eventually stop moving if the cable is very long. The loss of electron energy leads to a reduction in signal strength. When the electrons stop moving before reaching the other end of the copper wire, a total signal loss occurs. In long-distance data transmission, boosters are placed at an appropriate location to re-energize the electrons. That is usually not a problem of concern when wiring your server because of the short distance involved.

Does Length of Copper Cables Matter?

Yes, it does. As already mentioned, there is a degradation of signals as they move through the copper conductor due to losses. Copper wires have an internal resistance that will oppose the movement of current through them. Data moves through these copper cables as a stream of or pulses of current. The longer the wire, the higher the resistance and more likely signal strength deterioration. Think of it as walking uphill. The further you go, the more tired you become, and you may eventually stop moving.

When you are shopping for copper cables, just make sure you get an appropriate wire length for the application. Do not use a 10-meter cable where you can use a 5-meter cable. You make your system more efficient by using the best cable for the application.

Copper Cables for Every Application

You might have been made to believe that all copper cables are the same. That is not true. Manufacturers of these cables do so with specific applications in mind. A different approach is followed for applications where data rate and bandwidth are a priority. That is why you will find InfiniBand copper cables intended for such applications. Also, the connectors at the end of the copper wires show the intended use. You will find a big difference in the connectors used by IBM's RIO-2 copper cable and HP's X240 direct attach cable.

When you are shopping for a copper cable, know what you intend to use it for. If you are not sure, consult with the sales representatives for any help. At ALLHDD, we have a technical team to help you solve any mystery in cable selection. Just contact us for the support you are entitled to get. We will help you to choose the best products and deliver them on time.
Dell 470-AAXG Cables Copper Cable  3 Meter

470-AAXG Dell 40GBE Qsfp+ To 4X 10GBE SFP+ 3M Passive Copper Breakout Cable. Refurbished.

HP 503813-003 5 Meter Copper Cable
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503813-003 HP 5M 16.4FT 4X Ddr Qdr Quad Sff Plug Cx4 Infiniband Copper Cable. Refurbished.

HP 503813-003 8 Meter Copper Cable

503813-004 HP 8M 4X Ddr Qdr Quad Small Form Factor Copper Cable. Refurbished.

IBM 53P2676 3.5 Meter Copper Cable

53P2676 IBM 3.5M RIO-2 Remote I/O Copper Cable. Refurbished.

HP 74506-3202 Cables Copper Cable 10 Meter

74506-3202 HP - 4X DDR Copper 10 METER (3.3FT) Cable. Refurbished.

HP AB347-63001  Copper Cable 4x Infiniband

AB347-63001 HP 10m (32.8ft) 4x Infiniband Pci-X Copper Cable. New Bulk Pack.

HP AB353A 10Meter Copper Cable

AB353A HP 10M (33.3FT) 4X Ddr Copper Cable. Refurbished.

Cisco AIR-ACC15-GLANDS Aironet Outdoor Access Points
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AIR-ACC15-GLANDS Aironet 1570 Series Outdoor Access Points Metal Cable Glands Bag Of 10 Units | Made by Cisco | New Factory Sealed

Cisco QDD-400-CU2.5M Copper Cable

QDD-400-CU2.5M Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable (QSFP) Passive Copper Cable 2.5M | Made by Cisco | New Bulk Pack

Cisco QDD-400-CU2.5M= Copper Cable

QDD-400-CU2.5M= Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable (QSFP) Passive Copper Cable 2.5M | Made by Cisco | New Bulk Pack