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Signal Cable types

Cables - Signal Cable

Any cable in a networked system will need to meet the bandwidth and data transfer rate specifications. Whether it is the signal or actual data from storage devices, it has to get to the target with the utmost integrity and timely. High-speed cables are usually used in networking to help to achieve that, but will not be meaningful if the internal signal cables in the servers cannot perform as per that speed.

High-Speed Signal Cables

If you have the ProLiant server series, SAS signal cables will help you in high-speed signal transmission. Some of these cables also have power cables for disk drives. So, you don't have to buy them separately. These cables can handle the required data traffic in a network, thereby improving the overall performance of the server.

Low-Capacitance Signal Cable

When shopping for signal cable for any system, you need to check the capacitance between them. Any two adjacent cables carrying an electric signal are likely to induce an electric charge between them. This is the capacitance, and the lower it is, the better for your cables. Capacitance in signal transmission wires is likely to lower the signal integrity or even blocking it altogether. The ProLiant signal cable and power cables are specifically engineered to have near-zero capacitance. They are tested before leaving the production line, assuring of the quality.

Low-Loss Signal Cables

Even without the capacitance, all cables are characterized by losses that affect the signal strength. This is usually a big problem or long-distance transmission, but not small internal power and signal cable. It is safe to say that these cables are lossless as whatever loss in signal strength can be ignored. If that was your concern, then the problem is solved. The signals will get to the target device and be interpreted correctly.

Buy Signal Cables from Reputable Suppliers

From the information provided here, you indeed need to consider the quality of your cables. That is only possible if you partner with reliable suppliers for such products. A reputable supplier sources directly from the manufacturer and delivers the products to the customers without any flaws. At ALLHDD, we care about your business and handle your shipment with care.

We stock cables for both HP's ProLiant servers and IBM's System X. Place your order on any of these products, and we will safely deliver on time. Also, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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