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Remote management of servers is on the rise. Many people now don't have to visit the site to carry out some of the operations that previously require physical presence. HP servers now allow for remote access by attaching the controller computer through a serial adapter cable. The most common cable type used for this purpose is the CAT5 UTP cables with appropriate connectors on both sides. One side is RJ 45 connector and DB-9 on the other side. But what are the benefits of using serial adapter cables?

Streamline Management of Your IT Infrastructure

HPE serial servers feature virtual media capability that makes it possible to transfer any data from your remote-control room. You only need to connect your serial adapter cable to create the link. This capability has made it possible to expand IT infrastructure as the business grows, and monitoring and maintenance can all be done remotely. These servers support a web-based user interface for the controller to access its features.

Improve Efficiency of Your IT System

Using the serial adapter cable, you can have instant access to the system remotely when you need it. You can also include redundant cabling through Ethernet or Fiber cables to secure your system in case there is a cable failure. There are also automated tools that help you configure the system, including the identification of other network peripherals. You don't need specialized IT expertise to do it, and the overall effect is a more efficient system.

Easy Access to All Servers in the Room

You don't only have access to just a single server in the room, but all the connected devices. You use security features such as encryption, smart cards, and remote authentication to access the system. There is also event logging and notification that ensure all buffered data are kept intact.

Buy Serial Adapter Cable Now

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HP AF110A Serial Adapter Cable Male To Female

AF110A HP Serial Adaptor RJ 45 DB9 DCE Female. New Bulk Pack.

HP AF110A Serial Adapter Cable Male To Female

AF110A HP Serial Adaptor RJ 45 DB9 DCE Female. Refurbished.