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DVI Cables types

Cables - DVI Cables

Sometimes you just need to expand your workstation with another display screen, and all you have is one CPU. Even if you can have separate computers for every monitor, it is more economical to extend the display using display cables. The first type of these cable types is the USB type A to DVI 24-pin, which is used for increasing the number of laptop video ports through the USB port. The other cable DVI cable type is the DMS-49 to dual DVI, also known as the y cables.

A Breeze Connecting DVI Monitors to DP Port

The converter is very convenient in ensuring that your video signals are also transmitted to a DVI monitor. You can use the cables on your laptop, desktop computer, and even tablets to extend the display and improve your productivity. However, for it to work for you, the signal source must be DP-enabled. Without that, you might be working in vain.

All-in-One DVI Cable

The DVI cable is also an adapter in a single package. You just buy it to display your videos on any DVI monitor or projector without additional cabling. The DVI cable supports a PC resolution of up to 3840 by 2400 pixels (this varies depending on the brand and model) and a TV resolution of up to 1080p.

Advanced yet Backward-Compatible

This is good news for many of us who still use the old and analog video formats such as VGA. The DVI technology, through the DVI cables, allows you to stream high-quality video content while still offering you support to the old formats, including HDMI and VGA.

Simple and Easy to Use

This is a plug-and-play DVI cable and adapter. You don't need any configuration to extend the display to an external DVI monitor. Just out of the box, connect all cables appropriately, and you are good to go. This, of course, applies to both Y cables and USB to DVI cables.

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