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Video Cable types

Different display units have different video input options. Some monitors might have multiple video input ports, including, but not limited to, HDMI, VGA, DVI-D, DP, and DVI-I. If you are lucky to have such a monitor, you might not need video adapters but video cables to transfer the video signal. The same goes for the server or computers. The video output ports on these systems vary. Even if you use a graphics card, you will not find all types of output ports in a single card. Does that mean you will have to buy another monitor with a matching video input port?

Video Adapter Cables

You need to find the right video cable, a cheaper option than buying a new display unit. Here, we will be talking about a DisplayPort to DVI-D video adapter cable. There are different brands of such video cables, but we will mention the 7.5 inches long HP brand. These video cables play the role of converting the DisplayPort on an HP Workstation into a single-link DVI-D port for connecting to a monitor. It has a 20-pin DisplayPort on one end and a 24+1-pin digital DVI on the other end.

We are not sure whether this video adapter cable will work with all types of monitors. The only assurance we can give you is that it will never fail you if you buy it for HP monitors that use a single-link DVI video interface. You might need to find more information before you buy. Shop for it only when you are sure.

Plug-and-Play Video Cable

You do not need to install any drivers or configure your system to use the video adapter. Just connect the male DisplayPort to the video output port on the Workstation and the female DVI-D connector on the other end to the monitor cable, and you are all set. It is also designed to relieve strain on the video output port as the cable is moved, thereby protecting the port from such damages. It has a long service life with excellent video quality.

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