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Network Cables types

Cables - Network Cables

Network cables are what make it possible to share It resources in a network. Whether home, office, or in a data center, networking using cables still remains popular over wireless protocols such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. We use different network cables to enable resource sharing, such as memory devices, printers, scanners, and other resources. Networking is the only way to converge resources and make file sharing and team collaboration easy. If you are looking for network cables to achieve that, then you are in the right place.

Types of Network Cables

Network cables, also known as Ethernet cables, are of three different types: coaxial, fiber optic, and twisted-pair copper cables. The last two types are the commonly used cable types. We will, therefore, dig deeper into them shortly. Coaxial cables are not widely used in networking but still remain very popular in telecommunication.

Fiber Optic Cables

Structurally, optical cables comprise the core, cladding, buffer, and jacket on the outer part. Of great interest is the core material, which can be glass or plastic. Signals travel in this medium at the speed of light over long and short distances. Due to this high data rate, optical cables are becoming more famous in networking than other network cables.

The other layers of this cable work together to maintain its efficiency. Through cladding, the light is totally internally reflected in the core. The buffer prevents any possible leakage of light. The jacket, being the outer layer, offers protection to the cable against mechanical damage.

Twisted Pair Copper Cable

Almost all modern computers at home or office networks use twisted-pair cables. The cable consists of 8 individually coated and twisted in pairs copper wires bundled together in one. The twisted-pair cables can either be shielded or unshielded. Because of shielding in the shielded and twisted pair cables, they experience less noise and have low EMI resistance.

Network Cable Connectors

The connectors of any Ethernet cable depend on the intended application. Your home computer networking might only need the standard 8 terminal clips to connect to a network. That is not usually the case when considering large enterprises and data centers where different IT equipment is interconnected. There may be a need for network adapters and other complex cables such as 8 LEAD and JG263A HPE network cables.

Network Cables Length

In any networking task, use the right cable length. That will not only make your system look organized but also deliver better performance. Get rid of any unnecessarily long cables. If the work can be done with 15-meter-long cables, got for it and not a 20-meter-long cable. If the source and target are too close or placed side by side, you are better off if you use 1.5-meter-long cables. The resulting network will look neat without cables tangling everywhere.

Sourcing Ethernet Cables from Reputable Supplier

Shopping for Ethernet cables is not a straightforward process. Not all cables are manufactured with the same quality, and that affects the bandwidth. Make the right decision to buy CR4 cable or optical cable for your networking business from ALLHDD. We source only quality cables from reputable vendors, and all of them come with warranties.

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