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SAS To SATA types

Cables - SAS To SATA

Serial technology addresses the limitations of parallel protocols, which were extensively used before demand for a high bandwidth kicked them out. The introduction of SAS and SATA data transfer protocols has made it possible to achieve even higher bandwidth at a low cost of the infrastructure. Presently, it is possible to bridge the two serial technologies and SATA drives on SAS motherboards. Thanks to the introduction of SAS to SATA Adapters.

Features of SAS to SATA Cable

The SAS to 4x SATA reverse cable has a 36-pin connector, which splits out into 4 7-pin SATA receptacles on the other side. These cables are a very reliable solution if you need to connect devices such as mini SAS backplane to either a SAS or SATA RAID controller or motherboard. This high compatibility has made it easier for IT professionals or business managers like you to attach SATA drives to SAS servers. All you need is a SAS to SATA cable, otherwise called SAS to SATA adapter cable, to enjoy this compatibility.

Long-Lasting Design and High Performing

SAS to SATA cables are not like any other cable that will malfunction within a short time. They are designed to be reliable over many years. You can depend on them once installed, you won't have to go back to your server or data center to replace them for many years to come. These adapter cables are also backed up with the manufacturer's warranty. So, you are safe because they will be replaced for you for free when they have issues before the warranty period collapses.

Advantages of Using SAS to SATA Cables

Featuring a multilane design, you reduce clutter and cable tangling using just one cable to connect up to 4 RAID controller SATA ports to a backplane. The connectivity achieved is reliable and offers better performance than any parallel protocol that existed before. Do not let it be a big problem for you to achieve the same.

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580751-001 HP 38 Inch Cable
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580751-001 4 Sata Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) Cable Assembly 38 Inches Long | Made by HP | Brand New 3 Years Warranty

HP 580751-001 38 Inch Cable

580751-001 4 Sata Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) Cable Assembly 38 Inches Long | Made by HP | Refurbished