Cables - Power Adapter

Power Adapter types

All the IT equipment requires electrical power to operate. For the devices to turn on and stay in that state, you can connect them to the power distribution unit or a wall receptacle through a power cable. Different power cables have different ratings according to the intended use. There are power cords for servers, UPS, switches, desktop computers, routers, printers, and any other device. Laptops and other portable computers do not connect to the PDU or wall receptacle but require a power adapter and a power adapter cable for a steady DC power supply.

Which Is the Right Power Adapter Cable for Your System?

The choice of the right power adapter cable depends on your country. Why is that the case? Different countries have different voltages at the power outlet and may use different NEMA ratings for power connectors. Power adapters and power adapter cables that you buy depend on those factors, and choosing the right one ensures your safety and safety of the equipment.

NEMA 6-15 power adapter cables are used in the entire US. They have a 3-pin connector designed to fit into the wall receptacles used in this country. If you come from other countries, you need to know the wall socket type and buy an adapter cable that will fit in.

Power Adapter Cable Features

We have already mentioned the 3-pin connector that you insert into the wall receptacle. It is also worth stating that the cable consists of three individually insulated wires for live, neutral, and earth connections. The wire diameters are designed to carry the current needed by the connected device. On the other end of the cable is a 3-pin female receptacle that connects to your power adapter.

The Right Power Cord for High Power Consumers

If you have applications that require heavy currents and high voltage, then this power cord is the best option. It is a heavy-gauge cable that can withstand the high electric current required by servers, desktop computers, monitors, printers, and many other peripherals. The cable is tested and approved for continuity.

Buy a high-quality power adapter cable that is designed to last at ALLHDD. Our cables are up to 6 feet in length, allowing you to connect your devices even if the PDU is far away. Feel free to discuss your order requirements with our customer support team, and we will fulfill them.