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Cables - SAS Cables

Serial Attached SCSCI or SAS is a serial protocol commonly used in computing to move data from disk drives to the target. SAS makes it possible to attach mass storage drives, optical drives, tape drives, and SSDs to a computer system for better data transfer. This point-to-point data transfer serial protocol is compatible with SATA version 2 and above. This capability has led to Backplane and Controller SAS cables used for connecting SATA disk drives.

Types of SAS Cables

SAS cables are of two main types, mini SAS cable, and mini SAS HD cable. Each of these cable types can either be an internal SAS cable or an external SAS cable. You need to know all these differences when shopping for SAS cables at ALLHDD. But what is the difference?

Mini SAS cables and mini SAS HD cables are similar in structure but support different data bandwidth. The latter is usually used for data-intensive applications where a data transfer rate of 6GBps is required. What you will mostly find in data centers are the mini SAS cables.

Structure of SAS Cables

Every SAS cable you will come across has four physical links. These can be grouped into a single 4x port or split into two 2x SAS ports. The ends are terminated into a mini SAS or mini SAS HD connector. Cables with mini SAS to mini SAS connectors exist and are used for various applications such as data centers for interfacing storage drives. HD SAS cables are designed with a key that prevents them from being incorrectly connected. If inserted in the correct orientation, they easily slide in and latches to complete the connection.

SAS Cabling Devices

The SAS cabling system consists of the initiator, target, and expanders. The initiator is what is responsible for triggering the data transmission. It is basically the controller. The signal from the initiator goes to the target. A target is a device within the network that receives the data transmission request sent by the initiator and responds appropriately. These can be hard drives, optical drives, SSDs, and even tape drives. Any data storage device would fall in this category.

The expanders form the part of the service delivery system that speeds up the data and signal transfer process between the SAS devices.

Easy-to-Use SAS Cables

SAS Cables are, undoubtedly, unique, but they are one of the cable types that are easy to use. The unique feature that has made them stand out is versatility. They efficiently work with many different devices while still delivering high speeds. To effectively use these cables, choose the right type for your application.

At AllHDD, there are different SAS cables for many applications. We stock SAS cables for HP ProLiant Server Series, PowerEdge SAS cables, etc. The SAS cables also have different lengths to make them ideal for varied applications that you intend to use them for. We have as short as 19-inch cables and as long as 3-meter cables that you can choose for internal and external use, respectively. Place your order now for timely delivery of your product!
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