Cables - SSA Cable

SSA Cable types

SSA protocol; is an invention of IBM that came into existence in 1990 before wide adoption by many other vendors. This data transfer protocol also became part of the American National Standards Institute, famously known as the ANSI X3T10.1 standard. Cables that use this protocol are referred to as SSA cables. These were mainly made by bundles of copper wire before the invention of fiber optic cables that are currently taking the center stage.

Data Protection Guarantee

One of the known benefits of SSA protocol is the data protection as demanded by the mission-critical applications. It achieves this by ensuring that data is still accessible even if one of the cables fails. All the devices in an SSA network are connected through a bidirectional SSA cable that allows for data transfer in any direction. An adapter sends data that moves in all directions around the mesh network to the target device.

Automatic Data Interruption Detection

Any network is prone to data interruption. That can be caused by cable failure or malfunctioning of the devices connected to it. The SSA protocol makes it possible to automatically detect any data interruptions and then reconfigures itself to ensure continuous data flow as the affected branch is being restored by the technical team. You can get the benefits of this protocol by using SSA cables of the best quality and maintain your system's uptime.

High Data Throughput

SSA protocols are usually deployed in servers with RAID configurations. Here, it can deliver data at a rate of 80MBps. Buy quality SSA cable to enhance the reliability of your system and improve your business's performance. Buy a 2.5M cable at ALLHDD at the best price. Contact our sales manager for any queries regarding any of our products, and you will get appropriately responsible on time.