Video Cards - FireMV

FireMV types

ATI FireMV is one such workstation GPUs launched back in 2007 but still ruling the GPU world! Built on the 80nm process and is equipped with the RV516 graphics processor onboard, this FireMV GPU card has left others behind. Moreover, the card supports DirectX 9.0c, which is not the updated one but sufficient to run most GPU-intensive applications.

Additionally, the FireMV video cards have a die area of 100 mm² containing 107 million transistors. Also, the RV516 graphics processor has a miniature size outlook which exhibits a compact yet fully functional chip. The ATI FireMV is also equipped with 4 shaders, 2 vertex shaders alongside 4 texture mapping units. Last but not least is the 600 MHz operating frequency of this FireMV cards with a 128-bit memory interface operating separately at 400 MHz. Here's what you need to know more!

FireMV has the Dual Display:

Dual Display support can drive up to 2 screens via the DVI-I feature onboard. It is the ultimate solution to utilize the desktop setup for a variety of applications but lets you track the information on multiple displays in no time.

High Resolution:

Analog resolution numbers fall in the range of 2048 x 1536 per display, enabling you to connect multiple high-resolution displays at once.

PCI Express x1 Graphics Quality:

Retaining the display's crispiness and getting the real-time graphics quality alongside the responsive performance is what you get from the FireMV especially in the 2250 model via the PCI-e X1. Not only will it allow the user to connect multiple displays at once without affecting the quality.

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