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Quadro FX3700 types

To improve the performance of your workstation, upgrade it with NVIDIA Quadro FX3700 graphics card. It is a GPU designed with high throughput and remarkable performance needed by most 3D graphic applications and games. The card's memory and processor clock at 1.25GHz and 500MHz, respectively. It is one of the GPUs with the highest throughput of 51.2GBps since it uses a 256-bit bus interface for memory.

Performance Features

NVIDIA has paired the Quadro FX3700 GPU with 512MB GDDR3 memory, 56 texture mapping units, 112 shading units, and 16 ROPs. With the high clock speed and enormous throughput mentioned, the graphics card can deliver the high-performance required. Though it seems like a high-end processor, it does not consume a lot of electric power. On the contrary, it is rated just 78W, which is much lower than what other GPUs would take for maximum performance.

The graphical processor is manufactured through the 65nm technology and comes in a medium-sized form factor. It can be the best upgrade from other entry-level GPUs if you want a high throughput for workload-heavy applications.

Is It for a Modern-Day Gamer?

Despite the impressive performance and features, NVIDIA Quadro FX3700 is not recommended for AAA gaming. It does not meet the thresholds for high-end 3D games. However, there are many games that you will be able to play with this graphics card. Any game that has DirectX 10 requirements and below will be able to run smoothly with this card.

If you are thinking of playing modern games, then consider other GPUs with a higher capacity of DRAM memory. These high-end GPUs will allow you to enjoy the game dynamics to near-reality.

New Level of Performance

The unified architecture offers record-breaking optimized performance. With support to OpenGL and DirectX 10 applications, this graphics card is one of the best you can find in the market. It is the only GPU development platform in the world that supports C-language programming. If used to run the supported applications, you can achieve shorter product development phases and a much faster time to market.

The Capability of Shaders

3D designs require simulation of a wide range of physical characteristics. That is only possible with a GPU that gives you the ability to show phenomena, such as dispersion, reflection, refraction, etc. The shaders make it possible to combine many effects and interactively change them, which can never be achieved through 2D static maps.

Buying the Right NVIDIA Quadro FX 4700 GPU

The application configuration engine has allowed the NVIDIA processors to automatically configure both graphic hardware and software to deliver optimal performance. That is a property that has made this brand popular in the market today. Given the different models we have, it might be challenging to choose the right one. Let our experts help you to shop for the best GPU for your needs. We have all models and versions of NVIDIA GPUs to select from. Our team is also here to assist you, depending on the intended application.

Dell KY246 512MB Video Cards Quadro FX3700
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KY246 Dell Nvidia Quadro Fx 3700 Pci Express 2.0 X16 512MB Gddr3 Dual Dvi Graphics Card W/O Cable. New Bulk Pack.

Dell KY246 512MB Video Cards Quadro FX3700
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KY246 Dell Nvidia Quadro Fx 3700 Pci Express 2.0 X16 512MB Gddr3 Dual Dvi Graphics Card W/O Cable. Refurbished.