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FirePro W5000 types

Launched back in August 2012, this FirePro W5000 has amazed everyone with its professional-grade features and high-end quality. Built on the 28nm process, this W5000 is backed up by the Pitcairn Graphics Processing technology. This Pitcairn technology enabled the tech-savvies to utilize this rugged workstation GPU for all the applications which require DirectX 12 support.

Moreover, AMD FirePro W5000 has a die area of 212 mm² with 2800 million transistors on-board to draw as much less power as it can. The 2048MB, GDDR5 memory support, connected via a 256-bit memory interface, will operate at the 800 MHz frequency to yield the maximum output! That's what a tech-professional desires in the work environment. Here's what we have more about this AMD FirePro W5000 GPU!

2D output- 3D Acceleration:

No matter what stage you're examining the medical models to get the better diagnostics, the higher color accuracy and better pixels will be the dire need! The FirePro W-series has 1024 shades of gray alongside the 3D acceleration and a 10-bit grayscale 2D output. Moreover, the 10-bit color data can be optimized and processed to combine with the 10-bit display to exhibit real-world colors.

GeomteryBoost and PowerTune technology by AMD:

AMD FirePro W5000 has the GeometryBoost technology on-board, which utilizes 2048MB of GDDR5 memory and two primitives per clock cycle for optimized geometry processing. Additionally, this video card can optimize the GPU clock dynamically to keep the workstation under the energy needs. The last but not the least attribute that has made the whole industry fall in love with this W5000 is the GCN architecture.

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