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Imaginations and creativity have no boundaries! Extend your creative thoughts to a new level with NVIDIA Quadro K620 - which is considered one of the World's fastest and efficient workstation graphics of all time! The K620 is the most loveable choice for all the tech-savvies is their impressive power-efficient performance during the 3D applications and their capability to perform in an outclass manner. Alongside all attributes, Quadro K620 is equipped with the 2GB DDR3 GPU memory having a faster bandwidth speed than the predecessors. There are plenty of other features on-board making the NVIDIA Quadro K620 a choice for all!

Latest Technology On-board!

NVIDIA's Quadro K620 is equipped with the GM107 graphics processor and a 28nm chip size. What's noteworthy is that this video card supports DirectX 12, which can run the latest memory-intensive applications without any lag. This medium-sized chip has a die area of 148 mm² which can load about 1870 million transistors on-board. NVIDIA has further optimized the performance by locking some of the shaders on the K620 as well.

Single Slot Card with less power draw:

The maximum power drawing from this NVIDIA Quadro K620 is 45 W which is less than any of the competitive GPUs in the market right now. Additionally, the K620 needs no additional power connector. It comes with a Display out and is backed up by the PCI-express 2.0 x16 interface, which leaves no flaws in displays. The card measures 160 mm in length, giving it a compact look overall.

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PNY Technology VCQK620-PB 2GB Video Cards Quadro K620

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