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Radeon HD 6450 types

You can now upgrade to higher performing AMD Radeon HD 6450 video cards to improve your systems. This GPU features 1Gb of DDR3 memory and clocks at 625MHz. Choosing to use a dedicated graphics card relieves the load from your system's CPU by leaving the RAM to be used by other programs. With the right GPU, many workload-heavy programs can be supported, and you will have many choices when it comes to the type of display monitor to use.

What is the Form Factor of Radeon HD 6450?

When you are shopping for new graphics such as this one, you will need to know their physical size. That is because your card has to fit in the computer chassis and still leave enough room for airflow. Radeon HD 6450 is a half-height and half-length form factor, making it small enough to fit in different computer cases. Moreover, the GPU can be effectively cooled through the passive sink and fan, thereby not causing heating in the CPU.

Both Digital and Analog Video Outputs

You will choose the display monitor depending on the type of video signal your system generates. Suppose that you had already purchased it, and you buy a video card that does not have an analog output for it, you will be forced to look for an adapter to help in the conversion. That is not the case when you choose AMD Radeon HD 6450 graphics card. It gives you both digital and analog video outputs through VGA, DVI-D, and HDMI ports. HDMI, in particular, is the new digital video output protocol that supports 3D video with high quality.

Less Power Consumption at Maximum Performance

The 40nm manufacturing process ensures that efficient components are used in the design of this GPU. They use less power to run with a TDP rating of 18W. That is the lowest power dissipation from a video card we have seen. Despite the high-performance, your card will not add a cost to your utility bill. The low energy usage eliminates the need for faster spinning of the fan, reducing the noise and operational cost. These are all you can take advantage of when you buy a Radeon HD 6450 card.

With AMD PowerPlay technology, the video card can conserve power. It will only allow more electrical power to the cores when handling workload-heavy applications and vice versa. These properties make it the market leader in energy-efficiency.

High Video Quality

The GPU features enhanced unified video decoder 3, enabling it to assist the system CPU in decoding video streams for better streaming of HD videos. The AMD App Acceleration technology used also enhances the video quality.

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