Processor - Athlon Dual Core

Athlon Dual Core types

AMD Athlon Dual Core processor was released on May 31st, 2005, with only two variants based on the size of the cache memory. The processor was received positively on the market, with many hailing praises for its advanced performance. It is one of the AMD processors that have great value for money. If you are looking for a budget-friendly entry-level processor, then this would be a great choice.

Good Performance for Home and Office Use

One of the processors that you will find on the market for less money is the AMD Athlon Dual Core. You will not go wrong if you build your computer with this processor for carrying out light tasks. Being an entry-level processor, you cannot expect much in terms of computing power. However, its performance is equivalent to its value.

You can use it to handle office tasks such as emailing, browsing, word processing, etc. Do you want it for 3D gaming or virtualization? Look for a high-end processor if you answered yes. AMD Athlon Dual Core is a great processor, but not for such data-intensive applications.

Other Advantages of AMD Athlon Dual Core Processor

Choosing an AMD Athlon Dual Core processor will save you a lot of money since it is budget-friendly. If you are low on budget, this might be your only option to build an averagely-performing computer. It gives you the best price for the money.

When you are shopping for the processor, you should check the availability of compatible motherboards. Fortunately, many boards in the market use this processor. You will not walk long distances looking for a motherboard to attach the processor. So, your build should be easy and quick.

Buying AMD Athlon Dual Core Processor at AllHDD

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