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Xeon MP types

A processor inside your server, desktop computer, or laptop determines how the system performs. The faster the central processing unit (CPU) is, the more you can do. If you have mission-critical applications, then you will need a high-performance processor to handle them on time. Intel has introduced its new Intel Xeon MP processors for servers and workstations that allow you to do more.

High-Performance Processor for your Servers

Handle any workload within your server, including big data and cloud computing, with the new 2.7GHz Xeon MP processor. This processing unit allows the system to handle mission-critical applications simultaneously. That reduces the delay and improves the efficiency and reliability of your system.

The Best Processor for Energy-Saving

The Intel Xeon MP processor was introduced to the market as an energy-saving alternative to its predecessors. Its high-performance does not relate to high wattage. Remember that a processor with a high-wattage rating does not necessarily mean it performs better than others. What that processor will introduce to the system is high energy consumption and the need for a more efficient cooling system. You don't suffer any of these with Xeon MP processors.

The Best Processor for Data-Intensive Applications

The Intel Xeon MP processors are constructed with performance in mind. If you are looking for a CPU-based processor for military applications, servers, or workstations, then Xeon MP is the best choice. Make your server perform heavy computations at the rate you want to by choosing this processor from Intel. These processors are also used in consumer-level programs to increase the user experience.

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Intel BX80582X7460 2.66 GHz Processor Intel Xeon Mp

BX80582X7460 Intel Xeon Mp X7460 2.66GHz 16MB L3 Cache 1066MHz FSB Processor. New Bulk Pack.