Processor - EPYC 8-CORE

EPYC 8-CORE types

AMD 8 core EPYC processors are manufactured through 7nm technology based on AMD's Zen 2 architecture. It is designed to deliver excellent performance while economizing energy usage. Given the low number of cores, you can expect low power consumption. That is what these GPUs deliver. The processor features a high capacity level 3 cache to reduce latency and improve the overall performance.

AMD Infinity Guard

This processor is one of the AMD EPYC family that features the AMD Infinity Guard. It is designed to be immune to any modern-day attacks by concealing all the vulnerabilities. With secured data, your system will keep a record-breaking uptime and fidelity of sensitive data. The security of your server is crucial to protect you and your customers. Deploy AMD EPYC CPUs for an extra guard on your IT infrastructure.

Beat the Competition with a CPU Upgrade

AMD 8 core EPYC processor gives you a competitive advantage over others. You can improve the performance of your data center while keeping the cost of the upgrade minimal. The operational cost will also be reduced because of less heating generated from these CPUs. You do not have to think about a cooling system to save your system. Less energy consumption means less heat generated from the processor.

Scalable Server Solution

Every business grows when well managed. If you are a business manager or an IT manager, you need to plan your resources. AMD EPYC processors are server solutions for the future. It is highly scalable and adaptable to your business models. Your workload today might not be so demanding, but that will be a different case tomorrow. There will be a need for a performance improvement, and the AMD EPYC 8-core processor has room for that change.

Choose the Right CPU for You

Many CPU models exist in the market today. When talking about AMD 8 core processors, you have a list of models. So, what is right for your business? A highly performing AMD CPU is an ideal choice for SMBs. If you are just beginning, then you can choose 2.1GHz AMD EPYC processors. You also have to consider other factors that are business-specific to make the right decision.

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