Processor - Opteron Dual Core

Opteron Dual Core types

By structure, you can tell the difference between AMD dual cores and Opteron single cores. The AMD Opteron dual-core processors use the same socket 940 system used by its predecessors and have a chip size of 90nm. When you are shopping for these processors, you need to be well aware of their size and find a motherboard that supports that chip size. Another good news about AMD dual cores is that they fit in the same power and heat envelope of previous single-core processors.

High-Speed at Low Energy Consumption

There has been a problem with processor heating as the clock frequency becomes high. While there is a need for high clock speeds, it introduces heating problems that have presented a challenge to the processor manufacturers. AMD has intelligently traded the processor speed with the energy consumption, making heating less of a concern. Different AMD Opteron processor model clock at different rates. For example, AMD Opteron 875 clocks at 2.2GHz while 270 and 2212 model clocks at 2.0GHz.

Low clock speed means less energy consumption, resulting in less heating of the processor. AMD Opteron dual core processors with the highest clock speeds are the AMD Opteron 2216, clocking at 2.4GHz, and the AMD Opteron last category with 2.6GHz.

High Bandwidth with Integrated Memory Controller

There is a need for a well-performing processor for many workload-heavy applications. There should be no bottlenecks for any application with server and workstation processors like the AMD dual cores. Fortunately, that is not a problem with these processors because of the DDR memory controller and link-to-link Hyper Transport system. The processor can easily interact with the memory controller, and the I/O chips at a theoretical bandwidth of 30GBps.

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