Processor - Athlon

Athlon types

AMD Athlon has undergone many changes in its architecture, which has led to different models in the market today. Despite the popularity, AMD Athlon still remains to be an entry-level processor for laptop and desktop computers. Due to their low performance and low cache memory, they have been replaced with higher-end processors for workload-heavy operations.

Relatively High Clock Speed

AMD Athlon processor clocks at 2.4GHz, which is relatively high compared to other low-end processors. It also has 512Kb of level 2 cache. These features are just good enough to make it the best CPU for home and office computers. You can carry out many tasks provided that they are not as demanding as virtualization and gaming.

What Else Do You Need to Know About AMD Athlon?

There are other features that you need to know before purchasing this processor. First, it is a single-core processor that uses the Venice architecture with socket 939. Secondly, overclocking is not possible with the AMD Athlon processor because the multiplier is locked.

On the downside, this processor consumes a lot of power that can increase your utility bill. And because of that, you will need an efficient cooling system. The CPU can get very hot up to the point of damaging itself and other components on the motherboard. AMD Athlon does not have an integrated graphics card that we commonly find in high-end processors. You need a separate GPU on the motherboard to complete your build.

The last thing that we will point out is that the AMD Athlon processor does not support the SSE4 instruction set. So, you have no choice of using it for playing games, even if you have a capable GPU.

Where Would You Buy the Processor?

Processors are the functional units of any computer. If you want a high-performing computer, then you need quality processors. The type of processor that you need depends on the applications you intend to run on your computer. For light home and office applications, AMD Athlon would suffice.

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