Processor - Opteron 12 Core

Opteron 12 Core types

The AMD Opteron 12 core processor was designed for all applications. Regardless of your organization's size and computing speed needs, these server processors will suffice. Some applications of Opteron 12 core processors include cloud computing, virtualization, servers, data centers, etc. The processor clocks at different speeds, depending on the model and series. The best performing processors are clocked at 2.8GHz and boast up to 16MB of level 3 shared cache memory.

Improved Performance at Lower Cost

Unlike the predecessors, Opteron 12 core offers higher performance at a reduced cost of ownership. It is backward compatible with power bands, sockets, and power-saving features. With this processor, you can complete many tasks simultaneously and faster while keeping the power bills within a reasonable range. Just to offer a clarification, the time it takes to execute a program depends on the clock speed. AMD Opteron 12 core running at 1.9GHz will take longer to complete a given task than the AMD processor running at 2.6GHz.

Designed for Maximum Performance

AMD Opteron 12 core processors have many design features optimized for performance. The first to mention is the large size of cache memory. Each core is equipped with 1MB of level 2 cache, totaling 12MB. There is an additional 16MB of level 3 cache per socket. All these help in improving the performance to handle data-demanding applications.

The second feature is the DDR3 memory configurations. There are two different configurations for different workloads. There is also a quad-channel memory that increases the bandwidth needed for memory-intensive applications.

Data Security and Power Consumption Control

AMD Opteron 12 core uses AES instructions for data decryption and encryption. That improves application performance and data integrity. With this processor, it is possible to set power consumption using BIOS. You can do this effortlessly to save consumption without throttling the CPU clock speeds. Power gating technology is also used to supply more power when needed and reduce it for less-demanding applications.

Automatic Power Management

Heating within the CPU is inevitable. A lot of heat is generated when handling workload-heavy applications because of more power used in the process. That can cause overheating, leading to damage to the processor and other components. Opteron 12 core monitors the thermal conditions of the CPU and automatically switches to low power mode if overheating is detected. This technology improves the lifespan and reliability of the processor.

HyperTransport Technology at Its Best

This technology helps in increasing the system bandwidth. The CPU and Input/Output devices are directly attached. The same goes for the cores, which are directly attached to the integrated memory controller to reduce latency, thereby improving efficiency.

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