Processor - Core i3

Core i3 types

Intel's Core i3 is one of the three processor families with the letter i at the beginning of the number. Many have mistaken the i3 to mean three cores, but that is not actually true. An i3 processor is a dual-core processor by Intel designed for use in desktop computers and laptops. Intel Core i3 is available at many different clock speeds. It is also one of the most commonly used processors in the world today.

Low Power Consumption

One of the features that have made Core i3 processors popular for mobile computers is their low power consumption. Despite their remarkable performance, they can still run on low power. That is why it is possible to operate your core i3 laptop the whole day without the need for recharging.

The power consumption of these processors varies depending on the clock speed. As you would expect, the higher the clock speed, the more power is consumed by the processor. For example, an Intel Core i3 3.4GHz processor needs 54W of power, and processors clocking at 3.3GHz require 65W. The relationship between the clock speed and power consumption may not be linear, but the difference is noticeable.

Wi-Fi Performance

It is a new era in technology where people go wireless. You can also do the same by choosing the Intel Core i3 processor with this capability. The processor delivers improved Wi-Fi performance, better traffic management, low-latency, and enhanced interference avoidance for the best-in-class wireless communication.

Ideal for Entertainment and Gaming

Stream your UHD videos with utmost clarity and no buffering or lags of any kind. With now many pixels projected on your monitor and faster frame rates, Intel Core i3 brings entertainment home. And what for game lovers? The core i3 processor comes with an integrated graphics unit that allows you to play your favorite games at 1080p. The Intel HD graphic can power virtual reality and smoothly play some demanding games.

Multitasking Capability

Intel i3 processor features hyper-threading technology that allows users to multitask on their computers without experiencing even a hitch. Programs can be executed and compiled at the same time without popping errors on the screen. The task is achieved without delay because of the high clock speed of these processors. We can comfortably state that an Intel Core i3 processor is the best choice for home and office tasks. There are no applications that cannot run on a machine with these processors.

Shopping for Intel Core i3 Processor

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Intel SR05Y 3.30GHz Dual Core Processor
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Intel SR1NP 3.40GHz Layer3 Processor
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