Processor - Pentium D

Pentium D types

The Intel Pentium D processors are dual-core CPUs contained in a multi-chip module package. These processors can run multi-threaded applications for many hours without feeling bogged down. That capability increases the reliability of systems that run these intel CPUs.

High-Performance for Simultaneous Applications

Intel's Pentium D processor has a dual-core design that provides exceptional capability and high-performance. That is what is needed to run multiple applications simultaneously. It is a socket 775 CPU that can run at three different clock speeds, which you can choose depending on the application that you want to run. Intel Pentium D processors can be 2.8GHz, 3.0GHz, or 3.4GHz, all of which can offer the performance you need for data-intensive applications. This high clock speed has made them popular for use in desktops and workstations.

The Best Value for Your Money

When shopping for a new processor, you would want something that gives you the best performance for the price. Apart from high clocking speed, Pentium D processors also have 4MB L2 of cache memory. This is the real deal here because computations can now be done faster. More important program instruction sets are stored in cache memory for faster access.

Support for Virtualization Technology

Virtualization is fast-growing, increasing the need for a processor that supports it if you finally integrate it into your business. All other Intel Pentium D processors support this technology, Pentium D 915 being the only exception. If you want to upgrade your processing unit because of that reason, then consider Pentium D 945, Pentium D 950, Pentium D 930, etc.

Pentium D Processor is a 64-Bit

Its support for 64-bit gives it many advantages over those processors that are 32-bit based. You get more address space, more general-purpose registers, and capacity increase. You can get more out of your Intel Pentium D processors because of this capability.

Buying Quality Product

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