Processor - Pentium 4

Pentium 4 types

Intel Pentium 4 CPU, or simply P4 processor, was first made available to the public in late 2000. All the Pentium 4 processor series are based on the NetBurst architecture with many variations regarding the manufacturing technology. The earlier versions used a 180 nm fabrication process, followed by 90nm, and lastly, Hyper-Threading Technology. That evolution has seen the CPU significantly improving in clock speed and overall performance.

Features and Performance

An Intel Pentium 4 is a single-core processor designed for servers, desktops, and mobile devices. The CPU clocks at 3.0GHz, with some models having higher clock speeds and features 512KB of level 2 cache memory. It uses an 800 MHz front-side bus. Can we say these are impressive parameters? Yes. Intel P4 processors were considered the best by then but are nowhere close to the modern-day multi-core CPUs. They were discontinued in 2011, and the ones in stock were manufactured before then.

Relatively Low Power Consumption

We cannot say that a P4 processor is power efficient but requires less electrical power to operate compared to many CPUs in the market today. Being a single-core processor, Intel Pentium 4 is rated 89W. It does not require an elaborate cooling system since the generated heat dissipates through the attached heat sink. You will not complain about thermal effects when using this CPU, but we can't say it is energy-efficient. Its low power usage is due to relatively low performance.

Is It Good for an Upgrade?

Intel Pentium 4 is an entry-level processor. Despite the high clock speed, we would not encourage you to upgrade your system with this CPU. If you are just beginning or do not run heavy applications, then a P4 processor is a cost-effective choice. Its performance is remarkable when running low-end programs for most basic operations such as office work. You can use it for surfing the web, word editing, document processing, emailing, etc.

The Best Cost-Effective Option

Choosing Intel P4 processors will save you money because you can buy them for a few dollars. If you don't need high-end CPUs, then you better go with an Intel Pentium 4. ALLHDD has the best product for you, being the leading supplier of computer hardware. We are trusted by different IT managers and business owners because of the high quality of products and our services. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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