Processor - Phenom Dual Core

Phenom Dual Core types

As the name suggests, this is a Dual Core processor designed for laptops and desktops. AMD Phenom II Dual Core clocks at 2.8GHz and uses the level 2 cache memory. AMD Phenom II Dual Core processors are among the AMD phenom series that deliver performance to the users. Their performance is relatively high and consumes less power.

Direct Connect Architecture

There is an increase in performance because of this architecture. The memory controller, I/O, and processors all attach to the CPU directly. The processor also features an integrated memory controller that reduces memory latency. The structure allows scaling of bandwidth and performance to meet the computing speed required by the applications. With this architecture, AMD Phenom II can achieve a bandwidth of up to 16GB/s.

Floating Point Accelerator

The AMD Phenom processor boasts a 128-bit floating-point unit. This property allows the processor to perform faster computations of floating-point values, thereby improving the overall performance. The number of floating-point units doubles with the number of cores.

High Bandwidth and Low-Latency

AMD Phenom II Dual Core has an integrated DRAM controller that uses AMD memory optimizer technology. It is now easier to access input and output devices, thereby improving the overall performance. This processor boasts 37GBps of total system to system bandwidth. With low latency, the processor becomes useful when handling workload-heavy tasks. DDR2 bandwidth can go up to 17.1GBps and 21GBps for DDR3.

High Cache Memory

Cache memory allows the processor to quickly access frequently used instruction sets. The higher the cache capacity, the better the performance. AMD Phenom II Dual Core processors can have up to 4MBs of cache memory, but models with lower cache memory exist. Remember that these processors will be priced depending on the cache memory size.

Energy-Efficient Processor

Some unused parts of the processor units can be switched off to reduce power consumption. For example, during the read cycle, the memory-write logic is turned off. The good thing is that you don't need to configure this property in the BIOs or use any driver. Everything happens automatically and without compromising the performance of the system. The system also has different power supply lines for memory and cores. That also helps in power management to realize an overall energy-efficient performance.

Power management is also done automatically depending on the need or processor requirements. If the task at hand is intensive, then more power is supplied to the processor. Less power is supplied during small operations that do not demand much of the CPU resources.

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