Processor - Core Duo

Core Duo types

The Intel Core Duo is the first in the line of dual core processors and is based on the Pentium M architecture. These 32-bit processors consist of two cores integrated into one chip, allowing it to run multi-threads and applications simultaneously. It has a remarkable performance, but that depends on other hardware encompassing the cores.

Better Performance Than Its Predecessors

Notably, the Intel Core Duo processor is many times faster than the Pentium M processor. That is because of the improved architecture and hardware design that led to a tremendous increase in performance. For once, Intel can boast a high-speed processor at low power consumption. However, it was just an inspiration for other Intel processor series with even better performances. The introduction of more powerful processors in the market has overshadowed the performance of the Intel Core Duo.

Dual Chore Architecture

As mentioned, an Intel Core Duo is an improvement from Pentium M processors. Among the things improved in this new design is the Intel Smart Cache. That has improved the resource sharing between the two cores. There is also a more advanced power management system that saves power usage when the processor is idling. The advanced thermal manager also provides digital interfacing to the temperature sensor for better monitoring. We cannot list all the adjustments that were done to the Pentium M processors to make the Intel Core Duo, but we also rely on its performance.

Energy Saving Capabilities

One of the reasons why the Intel Core Duo processor is ideal for notebooks is its energy-saving functions. We have already mentioned the improved deeper sleep, which saves power when the two processor cores are idling, but that is not all. There is an Improved Intel SpeedStep technology that permits power switching between different levels depending on the workload. That saves energy whenever possible as the two cores will not be running at full power when handling light loads.

Virtualization Made Possible

The support for the Intel Virtual Technology is another great feature that cannot be ignored. The processor allows more than one operating system on the same computer. Each OS runs indecently in parallel, without any form of interference.

Enhanced Cache Architecture

Compared to Pentium M, Intel Core Duo has a better cache management system. Its 2MB level 2 cache is equally shared between the two cores as necessary to boost performance. The processor also uses an 800GHz Front-Side Bus. Despite the low clock speed of just 1.8GHz, the other features boost the overall performance of the Intel Core Duo processor.

Why is it Preferred for Notebooks?

An Intel Core Duo processor has an advanced thermal management system. That feature provides better control, thereby allowing for the construction of quieter, cooler, and slimmer computers. If you are looking forward to constructing such a computer, then we are ready to supply you with the processor you need. ALLHDD is the leading supplier of computer hardware with certifications from manufacturers. Just shop on our website, and we will deliver the package in good condition and on time.
Intel BX80637G2120 3.10GHz Pentium Dual Core Processor

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