Processor - Celeron

Celeron types

High-end computers are designed with high-performing processors, making them very expensive. They are beyond the reach of many people. If you need an affordable computer, then look for one that has an Intel Celeron processor. Despite being a low-end processor, it is still ideal for many different applications that do not require high computing power. If you are looking for a computer for light tasks such as internet browsing, word processing, emailing, etc., then a Celeron processor is the best choice.

Cost-Effective Processor

Many people will describe an Intel Celeron processor as a low-end processor because of its low performance. This statement is justified by the features of this processor. With a low cache memory and a clock speed of only 2.0GHz, this processor cannot handle workload-heavy applications. However, it is a suitable option if you are low on budget. You will still find a computer for doing your work and improving your productivity. An Intel Celeron processor is found in entry-level computers.

Low Energy Consumption

Low processing power comes with low energy consumption. While that cannot translate to the efficiency of this Celeron processor, you can be confident that the monthly utility bill will not be heavily weighing on you. You save energy with low-end processors compared to high-end processors.

How to Shop for Intel Celeron Processor

There is nothing much to consider if you are on the market for intel Celeron processors. The only thing that you can do is to source your product from reputable suppliers. Whether you need to buy the Celeron processor in bulk or in small quantities for personal use, you will need to get genuine products.

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Intel SL6VR 2.0GHz Celeron Processor

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