Processor - Turion

Turion types

AMD Turion is a family of processors that were designed solely for mobile devices. They are low-end, low-power processors that were meant to compete favorably with rival processors such as the Intel Core and Core 2 duo. The only thing that these processors have to improve on is the chip size, up to 90nm.

AMD Turion for Power Saving

AMD Turion 64 x2 is a dual core 64-bit processor mainly for mobile devices such as laptops. What sets these processors apart is the power consumption and low clock speed compared to the desktop counterparts. For example, an AMD Turion processor clocking at 2.2GHz consumes 35W of peak power. From the fact that desktop processors are faster than mobile processors, they consume more power and consequently require efficient cooling systems.

AMD Turion uses dual PowerNow technology to regulate the power consumption by the CPU. That under-clocking is necessary to make the best out of the internal batteries that the portable devices use.

Just Enough Cache Memory

AMD Turion 64 x2 has 1MB of level 2 cache shared between the two cores. Because of the light workload that portable devices have to handle, this low cache memory is just enough to give the processor the needed performance. The HyperTransport technology also improves performance. The last feature of AMD Turion processors is the DDR-400 memory controller, which contributes positively towards enhancing the performance.

Buying AMD Turion 64 x2 Processors

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