Processor - AMD EPYC 16-CORE

AMD EPYC 16-CORE types

AMD EPYC 16 core processors are server CPUs designed to improve performance at a low cost. There is a need for better processing power for workload-heavy servers to complete tasks sooner. These CPUs have 16 independent cores and consume power between 155W and 200W. The power consumption depends on the clock speed and the nature of the load being handled.

Features of AMD EPYC 16 Core Processors

The AMD 16 core CPUs have many technical features comparable to Intel's 16 cores Xeon processor. These are two different models of server processors with comparable performance. However, AMD EPYC processors are known for high-capacity cache memory. That compensates for the clock speed for which Intel Xeon processors are the champions.

The AMD processors feature 128MB of level 3 cache memory and a clock speed of 3.0GHz. Please note that all the technical specifications will vary depending on the particular model of the 16-core processor. For example, the specs stated above suit AMD EPYC 7302P processors. A different model such as AMD EPYC 7371 has 64MB level 3 cache and clocks at 3.1GHz. What that implies is that you will need to be keen on the brand model and its specific features.

Power Consumption and Socket Type

All AMD EPYC 16 core processors use an SP3 socket on the motherboard. There is nothing much to discuss because of this uniformity. However, you need to be keen on power consumption. Every model will have a rated TDP, which determines the electrical power that these processors consume. Despite the high technology deployed to help conserve energy, some of the CPUs can still require a lot of power.

Turbo Speed Boost

Some AMD processors can be overclocked to complete more demanding applications sooner. Overclocking means running the processor at a frequency slightly higher than the rated one. CPU models, such as the AMD EPYC 7351, clocks at 2.4GHz. However, the speed can be boosted to 2.9GHz when there is a demand for higher processing power.

Shopping for the Right Processor

You can find it challenging to replace your server's CPU because of the many variants in the market. Remember to consider the clock speed, cache memory size, turbo speed boost technology, hyperthreading, and many others.

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