Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile

Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile types

Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile processors are best known for small form factors, low-power consumption, and high performance. Their design is based on the Intel Core microarchitecture technology. Some remarkable features of this chip include support for Intel 4 series express chipset and ICH9M Input/Output controller. It is one of the processors in this series that is highly optimized for power consumption, consuming about 25W at full power.

Support for Low Power State

The processor supports low-power states, which makes it a better power manager. It happens at the individual core level and at the package level. This property makes this processor the best choice if you don't want to worry about heating and cooling. There is not much thermal heat generated from the processor, and the generated one can be efficiently handled by the system fan.

Dynamic Cache Sizing

Apart from the medium cache size of 4MB, this processor is intelligent enough to better manage it for optimal performance. The dynamic cache feature allows it to flush and or disable the programmable level 2 cache ways under given conditions. That usually happens when the chip goes to a deep sleep state where limited power is consumed by the system.

Improved Intel SpeedStep Technology

The Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile processors have voltage and frequency setpoints automatically switched to optimize performance and power consumption. The processor itself controls the transition from one level to the other without causing any glitch. At each stage, the processor monitors the clock speed and corresponding task to determine the power needed to efficiently accomplish it.

Support for Intel Dynamic Acceleration Technology

This two-core processor can indecently increase the operating frequency of one core while maintaining the other inactive state of the other processing core. This helps in conserving power where the task does not require all the two cores to be active at the same time. The transition is also carefully monitored, and two can be seamlessly taken out of the IDAT mode.

Shopping for the Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo

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