Processor - Xeon Coprocessor

Xeon Coprocessor types

The Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor is one of the x86 series designed for workstations, servers, supercomputers, and other high-end applications. These processors offer a very high-performance, providing a breakthrough in the workload-heavy applications limited by the PCIe bottlenecks. With up to 72 cores in some models, you can expect the super-performance you have been waiting for.

Highly Efficient Performance for Less TCO

Xeon processors can maintain the high performance for a long time while consuming low power. That is where high efficiency takes the stage. As much as you are looking for unrivaled performance, it should not increase the cost of operating your data center. With less heat generated, your worries are solved. You don't need to worry about the heating and high utility bills. Another good news is that its cost is relatively low compared to its performance.

Invest in the Future

The state of your business or organization changes for the better. There is a likelihood of it growing and demand for more performance and other resources. Xeon Phi processor is designed with an open-source architecture, allowing you to import your software into the future. It is a flexible and reliable computer processor designed with cutting-edge technology to support a wide range of applications and environments. From machine-learning to high-speed performance, you can scale it into the future. There is no need for new hardware to accommodate your future needs because the processing unit is designed for the anticipated changes.

Investment of High Value

There is no other processing unit that compares to Xeon Phi CPU regarding returns to your investment. It offers the scalable and reliable performance needed to solve many of the IT problems we face today. With it, engineers and data scientists can meet the efficiency demanded from them by the IT managers. The list of ways you can achieve code customization with a Xeon Phi coprocessor is endless.

Large Cache Memory for Unrivaled Performance

Xeon Phi Coprocessors are among the CPUs with the highest capacity level 2 cache memory. The Intel Xeon Phi 5110P, for example, has a whopping 30MB of cache memory. As a reminder, cache memory is fast-performing memories, usually many times faster than the RAM. When integrated into a processor, it enhances the performance of the unit by a significant percentage.

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HPE 708360-001 1.053GHz Processor Xeon Coprocessor

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